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My Week

Happy Early Monday everyone. It’s 5 am! As you know, I start school today! I’m so excited.

Our winter break is unusually long. Most schools have gone back in session already. Sometimes, a too long of a break is bad. Anyway, I wanted to to a last lately recap of what I’ve been doing right before school starts!

So, the past week has been eating, hanging out with friends, volunteering, and hanging out with family. I’ve also been baking too! I’ll recap it day by day.

I made these refrigerator no bake cookies on Sunday. They are pretty much healthy except for the added sweetness (honey).



Wednesday was like any other Wednesday. Going downtown, doing some work. It was more eventful that day though.

Then on Thursday, I made my own homemade pizza. I made my own whole wheat pizza dough. I used a Trader Joe’s pasta sauce as the sauce and used cheese. Yummy! Sorry that it doesn’t look like a pizza from places like Pizza Hut or Round Tables. I’m still working on perfecting the look of the pizza!


Friday was volunteering again (Don’t worry. I will have a post about volunteering later on. I might even make a page for it). We made chickpea burgers and baked sweet potato fries after our nutrition lesson.

20140124_145822We used Rudi’s Whole Wheat Hamburger buns with these.

Saturday was family time. We also went to the park to play. Then, there was a big family dinner. I also tried the Tazo Iced Green Tea.


Yesterday, some family friends came over. We baked  vegan chocolate cupcakes.


Then, we went to the park and played. They are mainly younger kids (9-12 years old). They played lava monster. I played with them for a little bit but then  I went on the swings.


That’s it for now!

How was your weekend?

Do you like going to the park? 

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