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Fitness Friday 6

Happy Friday everyone. I’m sorry that this post is coming a bit later in the day.

I’ve been so busy with school. And, guess what. I started volunteering for WIC today. I’m so happy! I had a great day today. Even though it rained, it was still a good day. We need rain here in California. You should see Folsom Lake!

Anyway, back to Fitness Friday. Here are my workouts for the week.

Fitness Friday 2-7-14

As for the workout of the week, I can do is tell you some of my favorite exercises. Here’s my list.

  • jumping squats
  • burpees
  • push-up to side plank
  • pilates
  • yoga
  • running

Oh, and today, I bought two workout DVDs. I finally found Cassey Ho’s POP Pilates DVD at Target. I went to so many Targets before I found it. It was a month of searching! And, it was the last one at the store. I was so lucky.


How was your week?

How did your workouts go?

What’s your favorite exercise?

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