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Fitness Friday 9

Happy Friday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I know it is the end of the work week for most of you.

It has been raining here in Northern California. We really need the rain. That means that I had to take my workouts indoors. Here are my workouts for the week.

Fitness Friday 2-28-14

I ran 10 miles on Wednesday in my gym’s indoor track. It was raining so I took my run indoors. It gets boring running in circles for a long time but I listened to music while running. I saw so many people come and go during my run. What surprised me was that I wasn’t sore the next day. Strange.  I wonder why.  One hour, 31 minutes, 21 seconds. I think that would beat my half-marathon time if I kept it up.

Anyway, I did not create a workout for you guys again. Instead, here is a workout video from Tone It Up.

So, the past week has been different. I had a midterm on Wednesday, which I found not to be too difficult. I also have a Spanish exam on Tuesday. I am actually excited for it.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

How were your workouts this week?

Do you like the rain?


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