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Fitness Friday 10

Happy Friday everyone. How are you guys doing today?

Well, I hate to say this but I overworked my body and I’ve been tired and sore lately. I think it started during and after my half-marathon training. During my training, I was running an average of 30+ miles plus bootcamp. I think it took a toll on my body. Plus, I didn’t give my body rest after the half-marathon. I kept working out. My calves started feeling really tight and my knees started to hurt a bit. I was also stressed out from taking 19 units. Imagine how last semester was for me!

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that I haven’t had the energy and strength to do my workouts. I still do them but I don’t have as much energy. I think I overworked my body and I need to give it rest. Today, Friday, marks the 3rd day of resting my body. I plan to rest it for 4-5 days and then go back into working out.

Not working out feels so weird though. I feel like working out but I know rest is what my body needs. Have you guys ever been in this situation (I hope you guys don’t ever get into it!)? Here are my “workouts” for the week. It’s mainly just rest days.

Fitness Friday 3-7-14In other news, I was able to dress up nicely on Wednesday. I wore a dress that many people complimented me on. I know this may seem weird but I never dress fancy to school. The gym is at my school and I always wear sneakers because I go workout there after my classes. Fancy clothes don’t usually match with sneakers or running shoes. I also find it a hassle to carry an extra pair of shoes because I have to carry everything with me. I take public transit.

Anyway, I don’t have a workout for you guys today.  Instead, here’s a stretching routine from blogilates.

How was your week?

How were your workouts? Have you ever overworked your body?

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