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Weekly Meals and Workouts 12

Happy Sunday everyone. How was your weekend? Mine was great, thank you very much.  I volunteered for my last semester’s professor’s Sports Nutrition Workshop. She was my professor last semester and I cannot wait to take more classes with her  as my college career goes on. She is an amazing professor and she is a great Registered Dietitian. I learned so much from her, from her class and from the workshops she gives to the athletes at school.

Anyway, Sunday is Weekly Meals and Workouts. Here is a template for you guys to use.

UPDATED 02-2014 Hevil’s Healthy Devil- Meal Plan Template

Here is my plan for the week.

Weekly Meals and Workouts 3-23-14


Most of the time, my lunches are leftovers from dinner. I like preparing my vegetables the same day I eat it. I do prep some food, such as cooking brown rice and making the chickpea cookies. Other than that, I just plan what I eat and prepare and eat it the same day. I know that some people like cooking ahead of time. It’s up to you and see what works for you.

What’s on the menu for you this week?

Do you food prep?

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