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Fitness Friday 14

My legs are sore. My calves are tight! I should be stretching and foam rolling a lot. Do you know why? I’ve been running more this week in training for my half-marathon. I may be putting more miles in early but that is what I did when I trained for my first. It worked!

Anyhow, before I get more into it, here are the workouts I did for the week.

Fitness Friday 4-04-14

It is almost 5:30 pm as I am typing this and I am still debating what workout I should do today, on a Friday. I am thinking about taking it a little easy because of yesterday but I’ll have to see. As for my training, I might have to adjust my training schedule since I ran a “long run” on Tuesday. I ran it in my school’s indoor track, so I don’t really count it. Running on an indoor track is different from running outdoors.

Anyway, that’s it for today.

How were your workouts today?

Did you do anything fun today?

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