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Thursday Thoughts

I rarely post anything really personal about me nor much of what is going on in my life.  I guess that it’s now time for you guys to read what I have been up to and thinking lately.

1. I ran along the trail along the American River today with my friend. The weather was so nice and it was a change of scenery, which I liked.

2. I attended the Food and Nutrition (FAN) Club meeting yesterday and they had whole grain lemon bars. The lemon bars are so good! Man, I want to make the lemon bars now! Sidenote:  The club meets once a month.

3. Also yesterday, I walked around Capitol Park (the park that goes around the California State Capitol) with my (mi) co-worker.  It was such a nice day. Apparently, one time around the park is one mile.

4. Even though I signed up to run the 10 mile run that is later this month, I am unsure if I want to run the half-marathon I planned on running in June. I may delay it because of how my calves have been feeling. I may end up waiting until October to run another half-marathon.

5. My sister has gotten me obsessed with watching the TV show Criminal Minds. Even though some of the episodes are hard to watch, I still watch it. I still like the show Switched at Birth a lot more.

6. Spanish class was so fun today. My friend and I made the class laugh really hard with what we wrote on our homework. I mean, really hard. Our homework was to write sentences using the future tense. You can imagine what people can write!

7. I also found this running post quite interesting. It is from the blog Hungry Runner Girl and the post is called “How long does it take to lose your running fitness?

Well, I guess that’s it for now!

What have you guys been up to lately? 

What is your running fitness?

What’s your favorite TV show?

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