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Hey hey. What’s up, y’all? What have you been up to lately? I’ve been doing great, thank you very much. Here’s what’s been up since my post last Thursday.

  • For one thing, I ran 10 miles yesterday. I ran it at a really slow pace though. I’m pretty happy that I even finished the run, considering my calves were feeling really tight. It was such a hard run! Just to let you know, it takes time to build up to the distance.
  • Today, I ran 6 miles in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to the park with a few of my friends. We ran, did some push-ups, crunches, squats, tricep dips, etc.  After, we played tennis. It was so much fun. It’s been a while since I played tennis. FYI, you don’t want to play tennis with me because I suck at it. I hit the ball over the fence a couple times. No bueno.
  • One of my classmates in my Spanish class taught me some ballroom dancing today. It was fun. I didn’t know that he could dance. He said that since I can sing, I can dance too. Ehh, I don’t agree with that but, whatever.
  • My family went to Southern California the past weekend. It was a mini vacation since it lasted barely two days. 6-7 hour car ride there and a 6-7 hour car ride back.  As you can tell, I live in Northern California. Oh, the joy of car rides. The weather was unusually cold but I still had fun. We visited a lot of places (yes, including Chinatown) and other landmarks. I even posted a picture of Sprouts in Fullerton (healthy eating  on the road).

That’s all I have for now. I have a very interesting post coming up on Thursday. You don’t want to miss it.

What have you been up to lately? 

Do you like playing sports? What’s your favorite sport? 

¿Quieres bailar?

6 thoughts on “Lately

    • Omg! I totally would have met up if my family had stayed longer. And the Sprouts was really nice. I live near a Sprouts but I don’t always go there since there’s another grocery store that’s closer that sells health foods too.

    • I am going back sometime in July! I’ll let you know. =) We could have totally met up the past weekend if my family stayed longer.
      What’s your favorite food place? We’ll meet up there in July when I go back. =) Or, we can workout first and then eat. Haha.

      • Spitz is my favorite place ever! Every single person I take always texts me hours later or the next morning saying they are craving/had a dream about how delicious Spitz is and wants to go back again the next day! LOL!!!

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