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Weekly Meals and Workouts 16

Happy Sunday everyone! How are you guys doing today? I’m doing fine, thank you very much. I started my day off with running 10 miles, which was pretty nice.

I noticed that my running is better in the early morning than when I run in the afternoon. Does anyone else feel that way while running? I guess it’s because I like watching the sunrise as I run along the creek.

Anyway, I can’t believe that the 10 mile run is next weekend, the 27th. I pretty much accepted the fact that I won’t be going the pace I went for my first half-marathon. My calves have been tight and my knees start feeling it after a while. I am cutting down (a little bit) on my running this week because of the race Sunday. I hope the adrenaline rush will get me to run faster!

Hevil’s Healthy Devil- Meal Plan Template


Sunday- 10 mile run

Monday- 6 mile run

Tuesday-  6 mile run

Wednesday- yoga or walk

Thursday- 4 mile run + strength

Friday- dancing?

Saturday– rest

I will  do my best to stretch and foam roll after every workout.


Breakfast:  oatmeal+pb+chia seeds OR egg and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread (with fruit!)

Lunch: leftovers from dinner

Snack: kashi granola bar (on sale at Costco!) + fruit

Dinner: brown rice, veggies, egg/tofu or another protein source

To meal prep, you can always cook the brown rice ahead of time. Pre-cut the vegetables and hard boil the eggs! They will keep in the fridge.  I’m the type of person that normally likes cooking meals at night and taking leftovers for lunch. It saves a lot of time. =)

And, guess what!  I ate cheese pizza today with an Izze Sparkling Clementine drink. What I’m saying is that it’s okay to indulge and eat something else once in a while. But, you should stick to your meal plan for the most part!  I also baked  whole wheat chocolate chip cookies yesterday. They are so delicious!

What do you have planned for the week? 

Do you have any times with handling calf tightness? I tried foam rolling and stretching with no luck. 

P.S. I just checked the weather and it’s suppose to rain on race day!  Oh well. I’ll bear with it!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Meals and Workouts 16

  1. How do you NOT eat all your cookies when you bake them?!?! lol – When I bake my cookies… I have to freeze them, but even then… I might sneak into the freezer and eat it frozen, LMFAO!! – Ain’t nobody got time to defrost anything 😉

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