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Capital City Classic 2014 – 10 Mile

Running gives you an adrenaline high, right?

Well, I have to agree with that statement! I ran the Capital City Classic on Sunday and I thought that I would do terribly. The early morning started off sprinkling and I was afraid it would be pouring rain by the time the race started. However, when I arrived at the race, it stopped raining. However, it was cloudy, cold, and windy!


This is me after the run. The sun started to peak through!

I was wearing a jacket, yoga pants, and the race T-shirt that morning. As it turns out, I didn’t need the jacket at all. I ended up taking it off after one mile. I got really hot. Anyway, before the race, people were all around looking at the food. Some sponsors that were there were Pure Protein, Sports Authority, PopChips and Zinco.

As I was warming up and stretching before the race, I saw my uncle! I was so surprised to see him. He ran his first half-marathon earlier this month and he was unsure if he wanted to run this race. He wanted to surprise me and I was so happy to see him!

There were no pacer runners but they did have markings for people who would be going 7 minutes per mile, 8 minutes, 9 minutes, 10 minutes, 11 minutes, and walkers. My uncle and I decided to stay between the 9 and 10. There were a lot of people. Some were running the 5k and some the 10k. It was actually pretty organized.

At the 2 mile mark, they had signs to point out where the 5k runners go and for the 10k and 10 mile runners. Then, they also had signs to split up the 10k and the 10 mile runners. I felt good the first few miles, even though I got  hot and took off my jacket after one mile. The course was really nice but the thing is that it was by the river and the wind picked up. It’s hard to run and breathe when it is windy! The scenery was really nice though.

Another thing I did not expect were the hills. My knees started hurting around mile 5 and my calves started cramping too. I had to walk for a bit. What sucked was mile 6, when there was a huge hill. I ended up walking that part as well. You can say that it is not a certified flat course, like the Urban Cow Half-Marathon I ran. However, parts of the course were the same.

I saw my uncle as I passed the 6th mile and the 8th mile. I was walking when he saw me around the 8 mile mark and he told me to run. I did. He was doing a pretty good job, despite the fact he hadn’t trained much for it and he had a cough. He finished about 8-10 minutes after me.


Around 7 1/2 miles

At the last mile, there was one more hill. I sprinted to the end after that hill. Unfortunately, my 10 mile time was slower than my half-marathon time in October. However, I am happy that I was able to complete the run. I finished in 1:36:25. With that pace, I would have finished a half marathon in 2:06:25 or so.  My Urban Cow time was 2:01:48. Then again, there was wind and hills and I did not do that much strength training before hand. I did a lot more strength training when I trained for the Urban Cow.

What also didn’t help was that I did not rest much before the run. I ran 6 miles on Thursday, danced for 4 hours on Friday, and walked 3 miles on Saturday. Sunday was the run. Either way, I am pretty happy that I finished before 1:40:00, which was my ultimate goal.

Do you like running on hills?

What is your favorite race memory?

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