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Five Questions – Running

Last Friday, Angela, from Happy Fit Mama, wrote a survey post about running. I found the questions pretty interesting, so I decided to post the questions here and answer them myself! I will tag a few bloggers at the end of the post so that they can answer these questions too (if they wish to do so)!

1. What is your go to pre – run food or drink?

I normally don’t eat anything before running. If I do, I find that a peanut butter banana sandwich on whole wheat toast is the way to go.

However, for the most part, I ONLY drink water before and during my runs. I don’t drink Gatorade or eat energy gels or chews or anything like that. Maybe when I run a full marathon, I will. The problem is that food doesn’t sit in my stomach well when running.

2. Do you prefer solo runs or group runs?

Most of the time, I prefer solo runs. It’s my only “me” time. Running is a way for me to relieve stress and think things through.

On the other hand, group runs can be fun too, especially if there is someone that is faster than you in the group. It really pushes me. I like races because I feel motivated to go faster and push myself.

3. What is your favorite race memory?

I have ran 2 races so far and both races are my favorite! For the Urban Cow Half-Marathon, my favorite race memory was beating my goal time by nearly 9 minutes! For the Capital City Classic 10 mile that I ran earlier this week, my favorite memory was seeing my uncle there.




4. Have you ever had an injury that took you out of running for more than a month? If so, what was it and how long were you on the shelf?

I haven’t had an injury yet. Hopefully, stretching and allowing my body rest when it needs it will be enough to prevent injury from happening. My calves have been bothering me though.

5. Are there any races that you have run every year since you started to run or race?

There are three races that I plan on running every year. They are: The Urban Cow Half-Marathon, Capital City Classic (10 mile), and the Running of the Elk Half-Marathon.

And here are the bloggers that I want to tag. It’s totally optional to post about this. Feel free to add any of your  own questions!

Julianna @ http://juliannabananna.net/

Kailey @ http://caffeinatedrunner.wordpress.com/

Elle @ http://www.accordingtoelle.com/

Erica @ http://www.ericadhouse.com/

And anyone who wants to answer. =)

Do you like running?

Feel free to answer some of the questions in the comments below! 

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