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Weekly Meals and Workouts 17

Happy Sunday everyone. How is your day going?

Mine is going fine, thank you very much. I went to practice for my group presentation on Cuba that’s tomorrow, I ate a veggie pizza from Round Table, and I got a Mocha Frappe from Starbucks (soy). I also ran 10 miles this morning (yes, even though I ran 10 last Sunday). I know they’re not the most healthiest choices bet I did make better choices.




Anyway, cheers to a healthier week. Here is my plan.


Sunday- 10 mile run

Monday- 6 mile run

Tuesday-  6 mile run + strength

Wednesday- yoga or walk

Thursday- 6 mile run + strength

Friday- 6 mile run

Saturday– rest

I will  do my best to stretch and foam roll after every workout.


Breakfast:  oatmeal+pb+chia seeds + fruit

Lunch: leftovers from dinner or sandwich

Snack: kashi granola bar/ Clif Bar/ VegaBar

Dinner: brown rice, veggies, egg/tofu or another protein source

What do you have planned for the week?

What’s your favorite summer time treat?


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