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Weekly Meals and Workouts 21

Happy Monday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much. I ran 6 miles this morning and 8 miles yesterday. I feel great. I was debating whether to run 13.1 miles yesterday but as I was running, the weather started to get hotter. I decided to stop at 8 miles. The high for yesterday was suppose to be around 103 F. Talk about heat. It’s burning!

Anyway, here are my meals and workouts for the week. You guys can go to my downloads page and see what you would like to use for tracking your healthy lifestyle.


Sunday- 8 mile run + HIIT

Monday- 6 mile run + yoga

Tuesday-  6 mile run + strength

Wednesday- yoga

Thursday- 6 mile run + strength

Friday- 6 mile run

Saturday– yoga

I’m trying to incorporate more yoga into my routine. I usually do a few yoga stretches after my run but I would like to do a full yoga routine.


Breakfast:  oatmeal +pb+chia seeds +fruit OR eggs, hummus, cheese sandwich

Lunch: leftovers from dinner OR veggie burger w/ cheese and hummus OR I’ll try making homemade baked egg rolls

Snack: kashi granola bar/ Clif Bar/fruit

Dinner: brown rice, veggies, some sort of protein

Remember that my meals are usually tentative. It may change every once in a while and I may eat more food. Sometimes, my parents bring home food. Sometimes, I go to a family potluck (which we find out about the night before). I just go with the flow and choose the healthier options if I end up going out to eat.

What do you have planned for this week?

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Meals and Workouts 21

  1. Girllll yessss….yoga for the win! I love strength training, body weight hiits, barre, and yoga. I have to say (with all humility) that yoga is one of the workouts that has truly changed my body. Everything else has contributed for sure, but consistent yoga 3x/week only about 20-25 minutes has made a lot of difference–like I seem “taller” and more “shapely” in the right places, haha, in my opinion. 😀 I also feel healthier, stronger, and more whole physically. rant over, just had to throw that out there, so keep on practicing! Although this is JUST MY PERSPECTIVE…but I wouldn’t endorse or encourage the spiritual aspect. You know me. 😉

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