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Would You Rather {Vlog}

Happy Thursday everyone! How are you guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much.

So yesterday, a girl asked if I was in middle school. I was surprised. I mean, I can’t look that young. I’m going to be a third year college student (in the fall). Do I look that young?

Anyway, today, I decided to post a vlog (finally!). I was nervous about how I sound, look, and everything. I finally got over it.  I still do look nervous in the video though. I promise that my next vlog will be better! Anyway, I decided to record this vlog because Alison from Daily Moves and Grooves posted a vlog about this and I decided to do that too. It’s a way for me to start vlogging too!

Here’s the link to Alison’s post.

And, here is my vlog. I’m sorry about the video quality and sound. My laptop video camera isn’t the best. However, you can still hear and see me. Enjoy!

I dare you guys to answer some of the questions in the comments below. Or, you can make a vlog too! 

Would you rather…

  • Speak another language or get a higher degree?
  • Have a beautiful singing voice or be a fantastic dancer?
  • Be a CEO of a huge company or run your own small business?
  • Fly like a bird or teleport?
  • Eat only sweet food or only salty food for the rest of your life?
  • Do yoga or lift weights?
  • Be a SUPER fast runner be SUPER strong?
  • Have 8 kids or no kids?
  • Have a small, older home with character or design a big brand new home?
  • Watch the Today Show or Good Morning America?
  • Watch only sports or watch only BRAVO?
  • Cook a romantic dinner at home or go to the nicest restaurant in town?
  • Drink beer or wine?
  • Eat cookies or eat cake?
  • Have only brothers or have only sisters?
  • Go to Africa or Asia?
  • Eat sweet potato fries or regular fries?
  • Own an SUV or a sports car?
  • Have a personal chef or a personal trainer?
  • Sleep for 9 hours every night but no coffee, or sleep for 6 hours a night and have coffee?
  • Read a book or watch a movie?
  • Live on the east coast or west coast?
  • Have your toenails painted or your fingernails painted?
  • Go to the beach or the mountains?

P.S. I will make a vlog where I will speak Spanish the entire time. I will provide the English translate once I make and post the vlog. 

2 thoughts on “Would You Rather {Vlog}

    • Thanks! And, yea. We are! I was debating whether to choose to have 8 kids or have none. Then, I realized that having kids is part of life and I want to have someone to continue the family line.
      Yea. I love my siblings, but they get on my nerves sometimes. I’ll miss my sister when she goes off to college in the fall (well, not that much, since I’ll be busy!).

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