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Chinese Eggs and Chives 韭菜炒蛋

Every time my parents make eggs with chives, I get so happy! It tastes so good! You can call it a savory omelette.

I wasn’t so fond of these type of Chinese eggs until I started eating more vegetables and losing weight. I didn’t like the chives. However, as time went on and my parents told me to eat it, I noticed that the chives gave the eggs flavor. They are now my favorite. I normally eat it along with brown rice but it is up to you how you like to eat it. What is awesome is that my siblings don’t like chives in their eggs. That means more eggs and chives for me to eat! Don’t worry. I do watch my portions and listen to my body.

Here’s the recipe.




  • 5-6 eggs
  • 1/4 cup washed chives, chopped
  • a dash of salt and sugar
  • olive oil (for the pan)


  1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them with a whisk. Mix in the chopped chives.
  2. Heat a non-stick pan to medium heat. Drizzle the pan with olive oil.
  3. Once it is heated, pour the eggs into the pan. Swirl the egg so that the whole pan is coated evenly.
  4. Once the edges start to cook, flip the eggs over.
  5. Cook until the eggs are all the way cooked.
  6. Cut the eggs into pieces.
  7. Serve warm. Enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoy these eggs. They are very simple to make.

By the way, that Caramel Macchiato Cupcakes I mentioned in yesterday’s post was delicious! I have to make it myself at home now. Wish me luck! Once I make it and perfect the recipe, I’ll share it with you guys.

What is your favorite childhood food?

Do you like coffee?

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