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Chinese Restaurant Experience

I went to a Chinese Restaurant con mi novio y su hijo recently. It was in a small town and I noticed that there are not that many Asians there, if any at all. Anyway, we walked inside and the only Asians I saw were the workers. The customers were all American or Hispanic. This is just an observation. No judgement.

We were seated and the table was set up with a plate and forks. However, the waitress came by and gave ONLY me, a pair of chopsticks. On top of that, they were disposable chopsticks. I didn’t even ask for them and she didn’t ask any of us if we wanted chopsticks or not.



Anyway, the hombres wanted me to order since I am Chinese. I really wanted the salty fish and chicken fried rice. It is so good. I didn’t see it on the menu, so I asked the waitress in Chinese if they had it. The hombres were just staring like, “what are they saying?”. They didn’t have the fried rice, unfortunately. So, I ordered the regular chicken fried rice and garlic eggplant. The garlic eggplant was the “foreign” food because they have never eaten it the “Asian” way (oh, by the way, I introduced broccoli stir fried with oyster sauce to mi novio and he likes it!). They ordered the prawn chow mein.

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And yes, I also ordered the spicy seafood soup. The waitress actually suggested it, saying that I would probably like it. I was expecting there to be fish stomach in the soup, since that is how it normally is made. However, there wasn’t any. I wanted to see their reactions to tasting fish stomach. The taste and texture is quite different.

Anyway, su hijo did not like the eggplant nor the soup. You should have seen his reaction on his face when he tried it. It was priceless. He didn’t finish his soup either. Mi novio liked the soup a lot but he was not a big fan of the eggplant. He said it was soft, which he isn’t used to.

After dinner, we decided to go to the park and play basketball. Well, we played HORSE. I started winning at first but then I lost. I had a lot of energy though, apparently. It was a good night.

That’s it for now. I just had to tell you guys ¬†because I just found it hilarious that the waitress gave me chopsticks, even though I didn’t ask for it.

How was your day?

Do you like Chinese food? If so, what’s your favorite dish?

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