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Fitness Friday 36

It’s Friday again. How are you guys doing today? I could be doing better. School, work, relationships, it takes a toll on you! Anyway, that’s just life.

Before I talk about life (unless, of course, I don’t want to), here’s my workouts I did for the week.

Fitness Friday 9-12-14



I know, I know. It is a lot of running. I should work more on strength but I don’t have as much time as I used to for working out. I am squeezing my workouts in the morning, when I do have time. That is, if I wake up early everyday. Don’t worry. I wake up at 5 am during the weekdays.

I am also getting faster now, which I am happy about. My running slowed down after my half marathon. Now, my speed is building back up. I am really happy about that. Hopefully, I can get 2 hours or under for my half marathon next month!

In other news, I will be focusing more on family, school, and work now. They are important. Family will always help you no matter what and will always be there for you. School is important for education. Work is important for gaining experience and money.

Anyway, happy Friday!

How was your week?

Did you guys do anything exciting?

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