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Weekly Meals and Workouts 37

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much. I ran 10 miles this morning and I went to dim sum. It’s okay to eat out once in a while. It also depends on what you order.

Anyway, here’s my meal plan for the week. It’s the week before my half marathon and I probably should eat more carbohydrates to fuel up for the half marathon. Oh well. I already eat a lot of carbohydrates in my diet anyway, so I’ll be alright.

Here’s the meal plan for the week. Like I said last time, I don’t follow it half the time. It can get pretty annoying have to carry food to and from work and school. Plus, the food I usually would bring spoils if I don’t put it in the fridge. I still do my best to stick to the plan and eat healthy.

9-28-14 Meal Plan


As for my workouts, I will be cutting down the mileage and adding more strength and yoga into my routine this week. I want to get a PR this year. I want to beat 2 hours.


Sunday-  10 mile run

Monday-  2 mile run + strength or yoga

Tuesday-  6 mile run

Wednesday-  strength + yoga

Thursday- 4  mile run

Friday- 30 minute walk + yoga

Saturday- rest

Sunday will be race day! I’m so nervous but excited at the same time. It’s awesome that my uncle will be running it with me. My cousin and her son are going to run the 5K version of the race.

Wish me luck!

What do you guys have planned for the week? 

Do you guys have any advice for the pre-race jitters?

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