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Focus T-25 Review- Alpha Week 1

As I have said before, I’ll be updating you guys on the T-25 workouts I’ve been doing. I’m adding it in with the other workouts I’ve been normally doing . I’m hoping it’ll improve my strength and my runs.

Anyway, here was my experience with all the workouts in the first week.

Day 1 – Alpha Cardio

So, I was having a  bad workout day last week on Tuesday. I tried running outside that day and stopped after running and walking 2.5 miles, feeling a bit sick. Then, I decided to do this workout because I wanted to get more of a workout in. It was hard! I was really surprised. I barely made it through the workout. I was out of breath and I was feeling a bit sick. I burned around 200 calories with this workout.

Day 2- Speed 1.0

I did this workout right after running 6 miles. Even then, this workout was good. I loved the added stretching along with the cardio. It wasn’t as hard as the Cardio workout. Then again, I wasn’t feeling that well doing the Cardio the day before. Either way, I was surprised I kept up after running 6 miles.

Day 3 – Total Body Circuit

I don’t really have much to say about this workout. I mean, it was a decent full body workout but I feel like I’ve had harder workouts doing the Jillian Michael’s DVD.

Day 4- Ab Intervals

I did this workout after running 6 miles. And, I can tell you that it’s a great ab workout, especially since they had intervals of cardio in between. I thought my abs (core) were strong but this proved it wrong. Even when I finish this program, I’ll be adding these DVDs randomly into my workouts because it’s a good workout.

Day 5- Lower Focus

Well, there isn’t much to say about this workout. The first 5 minutes were mainly just cardio before they started with the actual lower body exercises. It did work the lower body but I could have done all of those moves myself if I created my own circuit.

Day 6- Stretch

So, I tried this workout. It’s suppose to be a stretch but he added some body weight exercises to it. I got bored of this workout after 5 minutes. I’d rather stretch on my own and do the stretches that I think I need. I might as well do yoga instead.

That’s all I can pretty much say for now.

Have you guys tried the T25 workouts? 

What are your thoughts on it?


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