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It’s the holiday season and I know that people are busy. Weather it’s gift shopping, going to parties, people loving celebrating the holidays. So, why am I saying this? Well, the Food and Nutrition Club had a Cookie Jar Fundraiser. They were Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip cookies. We also sold Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Seasoning’s Greetings.

Here’s how the Cookie Jars look along with the Seasoning’s Greetings.



For the cookies, I used vegetable oil instead of margarine or butter. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures!



Here’s a better look of the cookie jars.



And the Peppermint Hot Coco.



And the Seasoning’s Greetings.



Thank you Linh, the president of the FAN Club, for taking the pictures! We spent most of last Tuesday, the 9th of the month, putting all of these together!

I also want to show you guys our T-Shirt. I love the design.



Also lately, I went food shopping. I also have avocados, fruits, and vegetables but I decided not to take all of it out just for a picture. My parents buy  groceries but the thing is that, I buy the foods that I want since we have different food preferences. I don’t have to worry about the produce (fruits and veggies), the meat, and tofu.



I love the Kashi Mediterranean Pizza, which is why I bought two boxes of them. It’s the best tasting “healthy” pizza I’ve tried so far, except for Amy’s Spinach Pizza. The thing is that, Amy’s Spinach pizza is more expensive and it’s smaller. I want the most for my $$  and the Mediterranean Pizza is still good.

I like the taste of organic brown eggs but in general, eggs are eggs. The organic brown eggs are much more expensive too, so, buying the regular white eggs is still good. It’s a great source of protein.

I also bought the canned soup’s because it’s getting cold here. Hot soup is great to eat on a cold, winter day.



Here’s another picture of some food. This is from the summer but I still like these foods.

I guess that is it for now.

Do you like food shopping? 

What are some of your food staples?

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