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Running another Half Marathon!

I can’t believe it. I am going to run another half marathon. It’s on March 29! At first, I thought that I’d just run one half marathon a year. But, hey. Why not run 2 in a year? It’s going to be so much fun! My uncle will be running with me again! =)

We ran the 10 mile run, Urban Cow Half Marathon, and the 5k together so far. It’s about time I run with him in the first half marathon he ran last year. I was the one that pushed him to run his first half marathon. I was there, waiting for him at the finish line. I expect me and him to get a better time. My goal is not to beat 2 hours anymore. My goal is to just beat 2:10. His goal is to beat 2:25.

So, here’s my training plan.


half marathon training plan 3.29.15

I don’t have much experience running outside in the winter, in the early morning. I know it’s cold. So, this will be very interesting. I even bought a long sleeved running shirt for my long runs on Sundays. I’ve been weak and been running on the treadmill lately, which is so boring! Now, I can have some change of scenery since I will be a bit warmer wearing a long sleeve. Also, I will pick a different running route. I notice that a change of scenery helps with running.

Wish me luck on my 3rd half marathon!

Have you trained for a half marathon? Do you have any advice?

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