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2014 in Review – A few weeks late

I know that many people posted a year in review near or on New Year. However, I kind of forgot to post mine. So, here it is now.


January 2014

I started this blog!

February 2014

Not much happened this month. I did meet my best friend during this time. We were in the same class together.

March 2014

Ag Day!


April 2014

My uncle ran his first half marathon. I learned ballroom dancing. I ran the 10 Mile Capital City Classic with my uncle.


May 2014

Not much happened. I volunteered and applied to jobs.

June 2014

It was my birthday month. I didn’t really do much this month. I was still going on job interviews. I did go out on my birthday and have fun.

July 2014

I was offered a job, which I accepted. I was also offered a position, 2-3 weeks after I started my new job. I politely declined that offer. I like my current job.

Also, you know what happened from reading my posts. I started getting addicted to egg, vegan sausage, cheese, and salsa burritos.

August 2014

Not much happened. Work was new to me, which I got used to. I took a lot of time using public transit going between Woodland and here. I also went to SF and learned about Haight-Ashbury.


September 2014

I got a straight perm and I started my classes. It was also my first time that I wore a bikini in front of my family. We went to SunSplash, a water park.

October 2014

I ran my 2nd half marathon with my uncle. I also ran my first 5 k race.


November 2014

Not much happened this month.

December 2014

Not much happened this month as well. The Nutrition Club had their Cookie Jar Fundraiser. My family did our holiday traditions.

How was your 2014?

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