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Fitness Friday 60 (or not so fit)

It’s a Saturday, I know and I’m posting my Fitness Friday today. The main reason why I’m posting today is because my week has not been filled of workouts. I did walk to school and back. I did run 6 miles the past Sunday but I probably shouldn’t have.

The main reason why I haven’t worked out is that I’ve been sick all week. I haven’t gotten sick in such a long time. It sucks being sick. So, I decided to take a rest week from working out. I haven’t taken a “rest week” since last year. I’m sure you guys remember my post back in March of last year about over-training. It’s good to take a recovery week every once in a while.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I haven’t been eating so great this week either. Things will be back to normal on Monday. I want to fully recover before I start working out again and going back to my normal eating routine.

Sorry that it’s a short post. Tomorrow’s post will be the normal Weekly Meals and Workouts and I will post the 24 Hour Recall Video for my FACS 107 class on Monday.

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