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Weekly Meals and Workouts 61

Happy Tuesday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. I’ve been sick, again, the past couple days. It really does suck. I somehow managed to beat my 1.5 mile time in my jogging class though. I was surprised.

Anyway, I know this is a few days late. However, here is my plan for the rest of the week.

3-15-15 Meal Plan


It’s basically the same as last week. However, my lunches will be different, depending on how I am feeling. I’ve been feeling to tired to make my own lunch but I’ll see how it goes.

As for workouts, I haven’t been doing much.


Sunday-   a nice walk with mi novio

Monday-    1.5 mile run

Tuesday-  rest

Wednesday-  push-ups, sit-ups, maybe a 1 mile run

Thursday-  4 mile run + abs?

Friday- strength?

Saturday- yoga?

All of my workouts will depend on how I am feeling. Maybe I will rest again all this week. I really don’t know. I’ll just listen to my body.

I guess that is it for now.

What is your plan for the week?

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