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Fitness Friday 63

Happy Friday everyone. How was your day? Mine went pretty well, for the most part. I can’t believe it’s 11 at night as I am typing this. I have been busy all day.

Anyway, I am not going to bother with creating a new image thing for this week’s Fitness Friday. I’ll just type out my “workouts”, which weren’t really workouts. I’ve been sick all week (since the past Saturday) and it sucks. Getting sick twice during half marathon training is bad. I will be happy to even finish the run.


Sunday-   a nice walk with mi novio

Monday-    1.5 mile run

Tuesday-  rest

Wednesday-  push-ups, sit-ups

Thursday-  rest

Friday- rest

Saturday- yoga + walk

I will get back into running on Sunday. I want to make sure I am fully recovered before I start running again. I’ll probably start off with a 4 mile run on Sunday and run 6 miles on Monday. I’ll see how it goes.

Monday and Wednesday are my jogging class days and we had fitness testing those two days. As I mentioned the other day, Monday was the 1.5 mile run. I somehow beat my time. On Wednesday, we tested flexibility, push-ups, sit-ups, and body composition. My flexibility and sit-ups improved somehow but my push-ups were worse. What surprised me was that my body composition stayed the same! I haven’t been working out as much since I’ve been sick and my eating habits haven’t been as good since I started dating mi novio (we eat out a lot). I guess it’s good to have Asian genes, not to be stereotypical or anything.

Also, it’s Spring Break! I’ll be working everyday next week so that I can get more hours in. That means more money to save and or spend things on.



On the other hand, here is me wearing my novio’s hat after our walk the past Sunday. I think I look good in it.

I guess that’s it for now.

How were your workouts this week? 

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