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“The Meal” – Food Production and Sustainability

My Food Production and Sustainability Class was fun but very fast paced. One of our projects was “The Meal”, which we made lunches for a large group of people. We ended up getting 87 orders.

Let’s break things down. The class usually is 16 weeks long and we had to cram it into 6 weeks. We had to plan things pretty quickly for our meal. We knew that not many people would be at school during the summer. So, we decided to do a Sac Lunch To Go.

We ultimately decided on 3 entrees people can choose from, which were: Banh Mi, Greek Chicken Pita, or Southwestern Pita (vegetarian). They get to choose 1 of the 3.

The entreé came with a caprese salad with croutons, and two types of cookies. The cookies were Chocolate White Chocolate Chip cookies and Orange Cranberry Cookies.

We had a trial run to see how the products would taste. The main thing we couldn’t decide on was what to use for our vegetarian option. Some people wanted a roasted veggie with hummus pita. Others wanted the Southwestern Pita. After trying it, we decided on the Southwestern Pita.

Below are the pictures of the food we made for our trial run.



Banh Mi



Roasted Vegetables With Hummus Pita


Southwestern Pita


Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies


Greek Chicken Pita


Caprese Salad


My plate of food I ate to taste everything.

We divided the class up into teams: Purchasing, Marketing, Service, and Production. I was part of the Purchasing team. Our team ended up spending a Sunday evening buying all the groceries needed to make the 87 meals. Our class did some food preparation on Monday. Wednesday was the day that we cooked and had people pick up their lunches. That Wednesday was crazy! I learned that I do not want to be part of food production. I would not last in a restaurant kitchen. It is really fast paced! It was a fun experience though. It’s just not for me.

We received good reviews on our lunch, especially from the staff in our FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) department. There’s so much that I can say that I really don’t know what else to say.

I can say that there was some miscommunication between the teams but we managed to work around it. Communication is very important. It’s all about team work in food production.

I’m sorry if this is much to go off of. It was just too much going on too fast. I enjoyed it though and ate good food.

What’s your experience like in food production? 

Have you worked in a restaurant? If so, how did you like it? 

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