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Fitness Friday 100 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much. It is me and mi novio’s one year anniversary and we celebrated. He even bought me flowers. So sweet. =)

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. Here were my workouts this week.

Fitness Friday 1-15-16

My workouts weren’t bad this week.

On Sunday, mi novio and I decided to go for a walk after eating out at BJ’s Restaurant. I decided to do a workout DVD after.

2016-01-10 12.19.44

On Monday, I decided to do my assigned long run for the week since I did not do it on Sunday. I ran on the treadmill. Running on the treadmill is not as enjoyable as running outside. But with the weather being so random with the rain, I decided to run on the treadmill after work. I had to walk a few times but it wasn’t too bad. I have to build up my stamina.

On Tuesday, I decided to have a rest day.

On Wednesday, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill after work. It wasn’t too bad actually. My run was a lot better than last week (due to female issues). The ab workout killed me!

On Thursday, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and did an ab workout before heading out to Red Robin for dinner with mi novio. I had intended Thursday to be my rest day but I wanted to work up an appetite before eating burgers and fries. My run went pretty well. I only stopped once but that was because I was debating how many miles to run. I decided to run more after walking for a minute. I had so much energy and I was feeling great.

On Friday, I rested. I just wanted to relax.

Today, I ran three miles outside and did an ab workout. I ran after spending time with mi novio. We went to Starbucks, ate pizza, and chilled. It was great. After our long date, I decided to run. It was still light outside and it wasn’t raining at 4 pm. However, it was windy! The run did not go so well but I am happy that I was able to run outside for once. It’s so much different than running on a treadmill.

20160116_163909 (1)


I wore my new sports jacket and tights that I bought from Victoria’s Secret during this outside 3 mile run. They were having a sale for buy a sports bra, get a free sports pants. Also, there was free shipping for orders over $100. I decided to take advantage of the deal and I am happy with what I bought. The clothes fit well and are super comfortable. They look nice on me.


That is it for now. I think my half marathon training is going great, considering I took a month off working out last month.

How were your workouts this week? 

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