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Fitness Friday 102 (on a Saturday, again)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. This week was the first week back to school and boy, do I have a busy semester.

Before I get into it, here were my workouts for the week.

Fitness Friday 1-29-16

My back feels a little better so I was able to workout some this week. I really have to run more to get into half marathon mode. Wish me luck!

So, I am taking 5 classes this semester: Community Nutrition (comes with an internship we have to complete), Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle: Adolescent to Older Adults (I took the first half of the life cycle last semester), Research Methods for Family and Consumer Science, Social Problems, and Women’s Psychology. All the classes are very interesting (except the research methods. I mean, I already took a similar class before).

The crazier part? I am training for two half marathons, working, and the internship for my class will take up part of my time too. Plus, I am helping out my last semester’s Sports Nutrition professor with some things to prepare for her workshops this semester. So busy, but at the same time, feels so fulfilling.

Sorry about the school/work/life rant. There are very few opportunities for me to run outside since running outside at 5 am in the morning in the dark is dangerous and I get home too late that it will be dark by the time I finish running. I usually run on the treadmill. It’s so easy to run on the treadmill. When I run outside, I get tired easier. I ran outside today and it was really nice.

That’s it for now.

How were your workouts for the week?



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