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Fitness Friday 115

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I hope you guys had a good day. After all, Friday the 13th is associated with bad luck.

Anyway, my week has been okay. I had two presentations this week but boy am I happy that this week is over. I have finals left and then graduation! I can’t believe it.

Before I get into anything else, here were my workouts for the week.

Fitness Friday 5-13-16

As you can tell, I didn’t run that much this week. I guess my mileage of 100 can include things like going on the elliptical.

I actually meant to run on Thursday on the track in the school gym. I started warming up a little bit on the elliptical then my favorite movie was showing on the TV. It’s the Parent Trap. It’s such a great movie. So, I watched that while I was on the elliptical. I guess I could have moved to a treadmill to watch the movie and run but I didn’t want to move.

I will have done 28 miles, elliptical and running together, if I run 5 miles tomorrow. That’s kind of sad since I used to run 30 miles a week. I have to get back into it.

Anyway, it’s time to study for finals. I did try something new this week for lunch: kimchi noodles. It’s actually pretty good (sorry, it was a random thought that came to mind).

How were your workouts this week?

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