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Fitness Friday 116 (on a Sunday) + Weekly Meal Plan

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much. I’m officially a college graduate, with a B.S. Nutrition and Food. My graduation was on Friday. No words can describe how I feel.

Anyway, I will talk more about that in another post. This post is about health and fitness.

Fitness Friday 5-20-16

I didn’t run as much as I want to but that’s fine. I’ll be running more tomorrow. Today is a rest day.

Breakfasts-  eggs, salsa, avocado + coffee OR whatever I find at home

Lunches-  eggplant parmesan + WW Pasta OR leftovers from dinner

Dinners- rice, veggies, protein (whatever parents cook) OR eat out (date nights!)


Sunday- rest

Monday-  6 mile run + abs

Tuesday-  6 mile run + abs

Wednesday- yoga or REST

Thursday-6 mile run + abs

Friday- 6 mile run + strength

Saturday- 6 mile run + strength

Here’s a picture of me in my graduation cap and gown.


Well, that is it for now. I’ll be talking about my graduation in another post!

How were your workouts last week? 

What do you guys have planned for this week?

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