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Weekly Meals and Workouts 105

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. I stayed up very late last night (almost 3am!) and I am extremely tired. I almost never stay up that late. I was hanging out with mi novio and his friends and they decided to watch the new X-Men movie at like 10:30pm. It was a good movie and I enjoyed watching it.

However, since I stayed up so late, I didn’t wake up early enough to run this morning. I didn’t even run yesterday either and did 2 PIIT workouts instead. Today, I just did a pilates workout.

Anyway, before I get into anything else, here is my plan for the week.

Hevil’s Healthy Devil – Meal Plan Template


Breakfasts –  “healthy” poptarts, avocado toast w/ egg, or WW English Muffin Pizzas AND COFFEE (of course)

Lunches- salmon cakes w/ brown rice OR eggplant parmesan w/ WW Pasta OR leftovers from dinner

Dinners- rice, veggies, some sort of protein (whatever my parents cook)


Sunday- pilates

Monday-  6 mile run + abs

Tuesday-  6 mile run + abs

Wednesday- yoga or REST

Thursday-6 mile run + abs

Friday- PIIT

Saturday- rest

I have my 10K run next Sunday and I can’t wait! I have to follow this week’s workout plan since it’s coming up so soon. I’ll be running it with a few friends and it’s going to exciting. And, as I mentioned before, there will be a mimosa garden! What a great way to celebrate graduating!

What’s your plan for the week?

Have you guys tried making salmon cakes before? If so, what’s your recipe and did you like it? 

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