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2017- Fitness Friday 5 & 6

It’s Sunday everyone! I’m sorry I have been quiet here for a while. I have been busy lately. I will make this a short since it is just a post about my workouts. Before I get to it, here was something random mi novio and I did last night. Last night, mi novio and I went to our favorite Mexican/Thai fusion restaurant for dinner. We happened to be there on their karaoke night and I was brave enough to sing. Even though I did sing in front of an audience a couple times before (sang in front of my school), I hadn’t done it in such a long time! It was fun!

Week of February 12:


Week of February 19:


I am really happy about my progress with running and my strength (I’m squatting heavier now and stronger). I will be ready for my 5k that is coming up in a week or two. I am excited! I am also meeting new people at the gym, which motivates me to go there to workout. I would be wasting my money if I weren’t going!

That is it for now. I am trying to post more besides just my workouts and my meal plan. I will see how that goes though!

How were your workouts lately?

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