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2017 – Fitness Friday 13 (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday everyone! And for those who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter! I have been extremely busy the past couple days and finally, I am able to post here! So, before I get into anything else, here were my workouts last week.

Fitness Friday 4-14-17

This morning, I did legs, elliptical, and 1 mile sprints on the treadmill. I was doing squats  and almost hurt my back because I was already getting tired from my workout. I’ll definitely listen to my body next time if I am feeling tired. I do not want to injure myself!

I went bowling with mi novio yesterday. We played two games. He won by points. However, I got a lot more strikes than him. (4 strikes vs his zero). I guess I can say I won. 🙂

So, I do have a question for you guys. How many rest days do you guys take a week? I have only been taking one rest day a week but I am wondering if that is overworking my body. Let me know what your thoughts are!

How were your workouts the past week? 

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