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2017 – Fitness Friday 34 (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday everyone. I am sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I can’t believe it’s been a month. I have been so busy and I just needed a break from posting (even though I guess I wasn’t posting much in the first place). But yes, I have been busy but I do plan on posting more.

Anyway, my half marathon is next weekend and I hope I am ready for it. I ran 11 miles this morning and it was tiring. I am running the half with my friends, which will be fun.

I won’t be saying much in this post but here were my workouts the past month!

Fitness Friday 8-25-17


Fitness Friday 9-1-17


Fitness Friday 9-8-17


Fitness Friday 9-15-17


Fitness Friday 9-22-17


That’s it for now. I am enjoying my new job and things are going pretty well. I have just been really busy.

How have you guys been?

How have your workouts been lately?  

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