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2018 – Fitness Friday 24 (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. It’s been a crazy busy week and it was nice to finally relax for a bit this weekend.

Anyway, here were my workouts for the past two weeks.

Fitness Friday 10-5-18


Fitness Friday 10-12-18


I really need to start running more often. It’s nice to switch up the cardio once in a while and I think my body is getting used to the elliptical. I also didn’t workout that much this week due to being busy.

Anyway, last weekend, October 7, I ran the Urban Cow 5k with mi novio. It was cold and windy that morning. Well, it was cold because of the wind. It was a nice course throughout the park but branches kept falling off the trees. I was scared one would hit me.

I usually run the half marathon for this run but I didn’t train so I switched to the 5k. I am so happy that I did because it would have been really hard for me to complete it with the wind. Anyway, I started off running with the novio for about the first half mile. Then, I decided to go ahead on my own running pace since it felt too slow for me. I ended up running it in 29:32. Not too bad, considering I haven’t ran much (or at all) the past month. I really wanted to walk during at certain points during the run but I pushed myself to run/jog the entire time. I enjoyed some beer after the run. Yay for alcohol after the run. Just an FYI, although runs do supply alcohol, it will not help with your post-run recovery.  You can head over to my Instagram to see my run pictures. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now!

How were your workouts the past couple weeks?

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