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Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 2019. I am sorry I have been MIA the past two month. I got busy and I got sick twice (no bueno!). I am hoping to start of the New Year with a good start. Fingers crossed!

I didn’t workout that much last month as I was sick. I feel so out of shape.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great new year. I’m pretty sure a lot of you will have New Year’s Resolutions. I have New Years Goals and I feel like posting them here so that I can keep myself accountable. Here are mine. I’m posting this to keep me on track and to hold myself accountable.


  • Run at least 2 x a week
  • Do a full pull-up, unassisted
  • Squat my weight
  • Do yoga 2 x a week
  • Do ab exercises 2 x a week (will probably do it along with yoga)
  • Stretch at the end of each workout
  • Eat out less (I eat out more than I should with the novio)


  • Save money – I created a budget.
  • Be more organized
  • Dress better (buy one or new clothes items a month, maximum OR look through my closet and find ways to match things better)
  • Spend more time with family and friends (getting more organized with my planner)
  • Blog more often (3 x a week)
    • Weekly Meals and Workouts
    • Fitness Friday
    • Health Post
    • Any personal posts
  • Find new hobbies
  • Create a better bedtime routine and morning routine

I know this is a lot of stuff. But, I feel like I should write down what I do want to accomplish for this year.

Sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. I will get back into it again.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions or goals? 

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