2017 – Fitness Friday 35 (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. The weather has been crazy, with winter like mornings and summer like days. Plus, it’s windy!

Anyway, I ran my half marathon two Sundays ago, with a time of 2:17:56. Not bad, considering my training wasn’t the best. I’ll post more about my half marathon experience in another post. For now, here were my workouts the past few weeks. I know. So late.

Fitness Friday 9-29-17


Fitness Friday 10-6-17


Fitness Friday 10-13-17


Well, that is it for now. I had a great weekend and went shopping at the mall yesterday.

How have your guy’s workouts been? 

How do you spend your weekend usually? 


2017 – Fitness Friday 34 (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday everyone. I am sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I can’t believe it’s been a month. I have been so busy and I just needed a break from posting (even though I guess I wasn’t posting much in the first place). But yes, I have been busy but I do plan on posting more.

Anyway, my half marathon is next weekend and I hope I am ready for it. I ran 11 miles this morning and it was tiring. I am running the half with my friends, which will be fun.

I won’t be saying much in this post but here were my workouts the past month!

Fitness Friday 8-25-17


Fitness Friday 9-1-17


Fitness Friday 9-8-17


Fitness Friday 9-15-17


Fitness Friday 9-22-17


That’s it for now. I am enjoying my new job and things are going pretty well. I have just been really busy.

How have you guys been?

How have your workouts been lately?  

Pre-Run Nutrition

I talked about writing a nutrition post for running. So, here it part 1 of my nutrition series for running. I probably should have posted this earlier but better late than never.

So, nutrition is important when running. This post will be about nutrition before running. The topics I will cover are:

  • Why is eating before running important?
  • What should I eat before a workout?

I hope that you guys will find this post helpful. The one thing I want to point out is that distance runners should have a diet that is higher in carbohydrates than the average person. They need the carbohydrates to fuel their running. To take this into perspective, the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range (AMDR) for carbohydrates is 45-65% of total caloric intake. However, distance runners should be at the higher end of the percentage than the average person.

Why should I eat before running? 

To answer your question simply, would you drive your car with an empty tank of gas? I don’t think many of us would want to. Your car wouldn’t move and even if it did, it wouldn’t get very far. That is how it’s like with food and running. You want to provide energy for your workout. If not, you’ll not perform well and fatigue will come. Eating something before running, even if it’s just a small snack, will help delay fatigue during your run.

Some of you guys may have the question, “I run early in the morning before work. I don’t have time to eat something before I exercise. It’ll make my stomach upset while running. Do I still have to eat?” 

Yes, it is best to eat before you run. However, I know that gastrointestinal discomfort (upset stomach) can happen. It had happened to me when I trained for my first half marathon but I learned what my body can tolerate after that. The best advice to give is to eat something small, like a handful of low-fiber cereal or half a banana. Test and see what works best for you while you are training for your race, not on race day. Eating something is better than nothing. If your body absolutely cannot tolerate any food, eat your breakfast right before bed the night before.

What should I eat before a workout?

The best thing to eat is something high in carbohydrates AND low in fat and protein. The reason why you should eat something high in carbohydrates is that it is your body’s main source of energy. It gets broken down into glucose, which your body uses as fuel immediately or is stored as glycogen in your muscle and liver cells. Fat and protein tend to sit in your stomach longer, which may make you feel uncomfortable while running. However, some protein is needed to help sustain your energy and maintain your muscles.

Some examples of pre-workout meals or snacks include:

  • Whole Wheat Toast with a Nut Butter and Banana
  • Nonfat Yogurt with a banana
  • Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread
  • Trail Mix (with dried fruit and nuts)
  • Granola Bar
  • Bagel with nonfat cream cheese

I hope this helps you guys out and was informative. Just a disclaimer that every individual is different and it is best to talk to a health care professional or Registered Dietitian.

2017 – Fitness Friday 33 (on a Saturday)

It’s Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much. I am really enjoying my new job and learning a lot of new things!

Anyway, here were my workouts for the week. I didn’t do my long run this week, sadly.

Fitness Friday 8-25-17

I did run a little more this week. And I also have my long run tomorrow.

In other news, I can’t believe I haven’t posted any pictures here of my trip last month. I finally posted most of them on Instagram, if you guys want to follow me on Instagram. Here are some pictures from my trip. I had so much fun!




That’s it for now!

How were your workouts this past week? 

Any tips on half marathon training? 

2017 – Fitness Friday 32 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. This week has been crazy, with me adjusting to my new job. Anyway, I have been trying to keep up with my workouts and training for the half marathon. It’s great because there are some runners at my new workplace, which will keep me motivated.

So, here were my workouts this week.

Fitness Friday 8-18-17

I didn’t run too much this week but I’d figure I should at least get in two runs minimum for training. I am aiming to run at least three times next week.

I also wanted to mention that a nutrition post will be coming up some time next week. I am slowly working on it as I have time but I have been very busy.

How were your workouts this week?