Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Well, it’s that time of year again! With all the food, traveling, parties, and everything fun that comes with the holidays, it can be difficult to keep up with eating healthy and exercising.  Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy during the holiday season!

  1. Make time for physical activity. Whether it’s taking a family walk around the park or fitting in a half hour workout in the morning before preparing for that Thanksgiving dinner, it’s always good to get some physical activity in! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you don’t have to hit the gym to get in a workout. The important thing is to make exercise a priority, regardless of what it is, or you may forget it altogether.
  2. HYDRATE. Drinking water is so important. Your body needs water! It can be really difficult to drink water when there are other drinks available, such as alcohol, soda, juice, etc. It’s also hard when you’re traveling, as you may have less access to water when you’re on the road. Travel with a water bottle! Remember to empty the water  before going through TSA. You can always refill your water bottle at a water fountain after passing through TSA.
  3. Have good hygiene! This is something that is sometimes overlooked but nothing ruins the holidays than getting sick. It makes the holidays much less enjoyable, especially if you miss out on a party just because you weren’t feeling well. Wash your hands, have hand sanitizer with you, bundle up appropriately, etc.
  4. Indulge but don’t indulge too much. This means watch your portions of the delicious food you’re eating. Enjoy the food. There’s always a lot of food during the holidays. People bring in cookies, candy, etc to the office and there’s plenty of food at parties. However, it’s not a free-for-all to eat huge portions of everything. If anything, choose specific foods you want to indulge in, such as your grandma’s favorite pecan pie or that delicious pot roast that your aunt makes for Christmas every year. You don’t eat this stuff normally and it’s okay to indulge and enjoy the occasion! Everything in moderation is the key.
  5. Eat slower and enjoy your food! This will make sure you don’t choke on your food. Choking hazard joke aside, savor your food and enjoy it. It takes a while for your stomach to register that you’re eating and starting to get full. Giving this more time to set in can prevent you from eating more than you intend to.  Plus, you really get to enjoy the flavors of the meal you have and you get to catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while since you’re eating slowly and enjoying time with them.

At the end, just enjoy the holidays and try not to stress about eating. After all, the most important thing is that you are spending time with your family and friends. Go ahead and indulge!

How do you stay healthy during the holidays? 

What’s your favorite holiday treat? 

2018 – Fitness Friday 24 (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. It’s been a crazy busy week and it was nice to finally relax for a bit this weekend.

Anyway, here were my workouts for the past two weeks.

Fitness Friday 10-5-18


Fitness Friday 10-12-18


I really need to start running more often. It’s nice to switch up the cardio once in a while and I think my body is getting used to the elliptical. I also didn’t workout that much this week due to being busy.

Anyway, last weekend, October 7, I ran the Urban Cow 5k with mi novio. It was cold and windy that morning. Well, it was cold because of the wind. It was a nice course throughout the park but branches kept falling off the trees. I was scared one would hit me.

I usually run the half marathon for this run but I didn’t train so I switched to the 5k. I am so happy that I did because it would have been really hard for me to complete it with the wind. Anyway, I started off running with the novio for about the first half mile. Then, I decided to go ahead on my own running pace since it felt too slow for me. I ended up running it in 29:32. Not too bad, considering I haven’t ran much (or at all) the past month. I really wanted to walk during at certain points during the run but I pushed myself to run/jog the entire time. I enjoyed some beer after the run. Yay for alcohol after the run. Just an FYI, although runs do supply alcohol, it will not help with your post-run recovery.  You can head over to my Instagram to see my run pictures. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now!

How were your workouts the past couple weeks?

Simple Ways to Start Eating Healthy

What is healthy eating? There are articles online, blogs, magazines, and even posts from people you follow on social media. Some say you have to eat organic, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) foods. It has to be “grass-fed” beef or even local.

You know what? That apple you’re eating does not have to be organic. That beef you’re eating does not have to be grass-fed. And you know what? Bananas are already genetically modified. You can think of genetically modified organism  as selective breeding. It’s called choosing certain characteristics of an organism and breeding it together.  Let’s take that banana for example. They used to be small, weird shaped, and had hard seeds in them. Now, they have much smaller seeds, easy to hold, and very tasty!

Anyway, I’m getting side-tracked. My point is, you can go ahead and eat the regular apple that’s not organic. You can eat that GMO banana. It’s hard for some people to eat healthy and seeing these labels such as “organic” and “non-GMO” can steer people away from eating healthy, especially since these products also tend to cost more than regular food.

To start eating healthy, here are some tips:

  1. Start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet.  For example, instead of snacking on chips and soda, try snacking on grapes, apples, carrots, red bell peppers, nuts, or roasted seasoned chickpeas.
    • Pro tip if you have children: Have your children pick a new fruit and vegetable to try each week. They are more likely to eat it when they choose it.
  2. Meatless Mondays!
  3. Start making half of your grains whole grains (if you haven’t been eating whole grain). For example, if you have regular toast as part of your breakfast, you can use whole wheat bread for your sandwich or use brown rice instead of white rice for lunch.
  4. Use smaller plates/bowls to reduce portion sizes without feeling like you’re eating less.
  5. Bring lunch to work everyday (this also saves money!). One easy way is to cook an extra portion when you cook dinner and bring the leftovers for lunch.
  6. Make a meal plan for the week. This advice is something I am hesitant to give since I like to eat something different everyday. However, having a plan can help you save money and reduce food waste. You know what you’ll be eating so you won’t be buying extra groceries and you won’t be wasting extra food if it doesn’t get eaten.
  7. Eat until you are 80% full. The Japanese call it “hara hachi bu”. There will be a separate post about this since I feel like this is important!

As you can see, you don’t have to go on a “Whole 30 Diet” or go to any extremes to eat healthy. Small things you do everyday will add up.

I hope this post steers you in the right direction into eating healthy.

What type of nutrition posts would you guys want to read about? 

2018 – Weekly Meals and Workouts 4

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. I’ve had a busy weekend. Shopping, chores, watching a movie, etc. It was a busy and fun weekend.

Anyway, before I get into anything else, here is my plan for the week.


9-30-18 Meal Plan

I’m not usually too hungry in the morning now-a-days so I usually drink coffee and then snack on a granola bar or biscotti  later in the morning. Remember, listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are 80% full. The Japanese call it “hara hachi bu” and I believe in this philosophy. I’ll talk more about it in another post.


Sunday – Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed and Shred

Monday – rest

Tuesday – morning: yoga ; afternoon: 30 minutes elliptical + weights

Wednesday – 5k run OR stairmaster (depending on my mood) + weights

Thursday – morning: yoga ; afternoon: 30 minutes elliptical + weights

Friday  – 5k run OR stairmaster (depending on my mood) + weights

Saturday – PIIT

So, that’s my plan for the week. The Urban Cow 5 K is coming up, October 7. Like I said, I won’t be doing the half marathon this year.

As for my general workout routine, I do want to incorporate yoga. It’d be nice to include Pilates as well but I will try to find a balance.

What is your plan for the week? 

What’s your favorite way to workout?

2018 – Fitness Friday 23 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. This week has been a crazy week.

Anyway, here were my workouts the past two weeks.

Fitness Friday 9-21-18


Fitness Friday 9-28-18


As you guys can tell, I haven’t been running. I switched to the 5k, which is fine by me. I guess this year isn’t the year for me to run a half marathon. There is another run I could do for the half marathon but I think I’ll be sticking to 5ks or 10ks for a while.

That’s it for now.

How have your workouts been?