Labor Day Weekend Vacation & Shakira Concert 2018

I had so much fun during the beginning of the month before I got sick last week. I went to SoCal during Labor Day weekend to visit my sister and the Thursday after, I went to see Shakira, live in concert. I had so much fun. But that Saturday, I got sick.

Anyway, let’s talk about my vacation. You can look at the pictures if you follow me on Instagram.

Labor Day Weekend Vacation

My flight was at 6:30 AM on Friday to Orange County, CA. I had to wake up at 4 am to get ready and get to the airport. I was soo tired as I didn’t get that much sleep. I actually took a short nap on the plane. My sister picked me up from the airport and went back to her place so that I can put my luggage away and for me to rest for a bit. Then, we headed off to LA!

The traffic was terrible and it took over an hour to get to LA (I fell asleep during the car ride. LOL). The first thing we did was go eat. We went to Shake Shack! I’ve been reading about how Shack Shack is better than In-N-Out, so I had to try it out for myself. We ordered the cheese fries, SmokeShack, and the Roadside Double. The SmokeShack was way better than the Roadside Double. However, I still like In-N-Out better. The Cheese Fries were good as well. The cheese didn’t harden fast, which was nice since we were able to enjoy the fries more. However, I like the animal-style fries from In-N-Out better. I vote is for In-N-Out. Please don’t hate on me. It’s personal preference.

After, we walked to OUE Skyspace LA. You know how there’s the Space Needle in Seattle, where you go to a really tall building to see the view of the city? The Skyspace was basically the same thing. They even have a slide, which looks pretty scary. You’re so many feet up in the air and the slide is short but  you’re up very high. It’s a clear slide so you can see how high up you are and see what’s below you. However, I didn’t go on the slide. First, I was scared. Second, it cost money to go on it. The view of LA was nice but it’s like any other city. Then, we went to the bar area and we both got one drink. We chilled at the bar and had a lot of catching up to do. We went to Little Tokyo after but we didn’t stay there that long. I did try some of the best red bean ice cream there though.

We went to the mall after to do some shopping and then we headed to the 626 Night Market after shopping. The 626 Night Market is basically re-creating the night scene in asian, with all the street food. There are so many vendors there that me and my sister split a lot of the foods so we can try more without spending so much money. It was fun and the food was delicious.

The next day, we went to Disneyland and California Adventures. It was fun but really crowded since it was Labor Day weekend. We didn’t get on as much rides as we wanted since the lines were so long but we still had fun. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the Incredicoaster (used to be California Screamin’) was down for most of the day. That was the point of going! I went there because of PixarFest and I was really looking forward to going on the rollercoaster. I was sad. We did try out the new restaurant that used to be the Cove Bar. It’s called LampLight Lounge. The food was okay but the drinks were good. I liked the Cove Bar better though.

The next two days were pretty chill. My sister and I went to brunch the next morning and had bottomless mimosas. We also went to the beach close to the end of the day. We went towards sunset and it was so pretty! The last day, we just hung out. We went to Chan Chan’s to eat Korean food (there isn’t that many great Korean restaurants where I live). Then, we went shopping after. I flew home that night. It was nice hanging out with my sister.

Shakira Concert 2018

So, I went to see Shakira in San Jose on September 6, 2018. It was so much fun! I went with my cousin and we had a great time there. It was my 2nd concert ever (with the Jonas Brothers being my first 10 years ago).  It’s about a two hour drive from where I live so we left around 3 pm, hoping not to get caught in San Jose traffic. We arrived around 6 -6:15 pm (thanks to me taking the wrong turn, whoops. There was also traffic).

The first hour and a half was just the DJ playing music. I bought some swag (shorts, tank top, and necklace) while waiting for her to perform. The suspense was killing me because the concert started at 7:30 but Shakira didn’t perform until 9! It was worth the wait though because she did not disappoint. She was amazing and performed for two hours. The technology improved so much since the first concert I went to and the vibe was energetic and fun. It was also her father’s birthday that day, so we sang happy birthday to him. She performed most of her songs from her El Dorado album as well as many of her classics.

After, we ate a late dinner (at like midnight) at La Victoria Taqueria. It’s a great Bay Area chain. The food was delicious. I ordered the super carne asada burrito and my cousin ordered the vegetarian quesadilla. I’ve tried both before (3rd time eating there) and it was delicious! Plus, you just have to eat it with their orange sauce. It’s what they are known for. They even sell it by the bottle.

Anyway, that was my adventure this month.

Do you like Disneyland?

Who’s your favorite artist? 

2018 – Fitness Friday 22 (on a Monday)

Happy Monday everyone. I’m so sorry for not posting for such a long time. It’s been a crazy few weeks. I went on a mini-vacation during Labor Day weekend to visit my sister in Southern California. We went to Disneyland, the 626 Night Market, the beach, etc. Then, that following Thursday, September 6, I went to San Jose with my cousin to watch Shakira, in concert. It was amazing! And of course, I got sick that  Saturday. So, yes, I was sick all last week and couldn’t do much. I have so much to post about but first, I wanted to give an update on my workouts. Here they are!

Fitness Friday 8-31-18.PNG


Fitness Friday 9-7-18


Fitness Friday 9-14-18


So, that’s correct. I don’t workout when I’m sick. I believe in full rest when you’re sick. Allow time for your body to fight off the illness. I plan on working out again starting tomorrow. I will ease back into it.

Also, I probably won’t be doing the half marathon that I was supposed to be training for. I haven’t been running, so I don’t think it’s the best idea to run the half. I’ll probably switch to the 5k to get my money’s worth.

Well, that’s it for now. I will be posting about my SoCal Trip and the Shakira Concert in different posts.

How were your workouts? 

Do you workout while on vacation?  I sometimes do but if I can’t fit it in, it’s fine.  I don’t stress about it.

Do you workout when you’re sick?

2018 – Fitness Friday 21 (on a Sunday)

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. I joined a Dietbet challenge and it starts tomorrow. I am hoping it will motivate me to lose some weight. I’ll be fun trying to lose 4% of my body weight in four weeks.

Fitness Friday 8-24-18.PNG


I really need to start running more. I may end up not doing the half marathon and find a friend that will do the relay with me. I’ll see how I feel as it gets closer to the half marathon day. I have a friend is willing to join me in the relay if need be.

Well, that’s it for now. Wish me luck on the Diet Bet. As long as I lose some weight, I will be happy. I haven’t had much progress with weight loss and I am  hoping this will motivate me.

How were your workouts the past week?

At this point, should I switch to the relay or stick to the half marathon?

2018 – Fitness Friday 20 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. I just started wearing contacts, which I seem to like so far! I’m still debating if I like how I look with or without contacts. I often don’t wear my glasses while working out and it’s actually nice to see while working out now!

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. It’s about my workouts the past two weeks. I’ve been so busy. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting.

Fitness Friday 8-10-18


Fitness Friday 8-17-18


I haven’t been running, which is a problem since I should be training for a half marathon. I just hate having to wake up early in the morning and running on a treadmill (if I fail to wake up in the morning). I have to tough it out.

Well, that’s it for now! I do hope to post more nutrition posts at some point (once a week) but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve just been so busy!

How have your workouts been?

Any tips with half-marathon training?

2018 – Fitness Friday 19 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much. I’ve been really busy lately and I still have to work on updating my blog more often. I haven’t been able to post much lately. But, I have been getting my workouts in. My half marathon training is going a bit better than expected. I’m actually running. Lol. Anyway, here were my workouts the past few weeks. Sorry I haven’t been posting!

Fitness Friday 7-20-18.PNG


Fitness Friday 7-27-18


Fitness Friday 8-3-18


As you can see, my training hasn’t been hopeless. It’s actually going better than last year.  Fingers crossed that it’ll stay this way or get better with my training.

Anyway, that is really it for now.  I have a list of nutrition posts that I want to blog about but I haven’t gotten around to doing since I’ve been so busy. I do want to keep it up though.

How have your workouts been?

What nutrition related topics would you like to read about?