Classes + Food from Tuscany

Happy Wednesday everyone. How are you guys doing on this fine Wednesday? I’m doing fine, thank you very much.

Today was the last meeting for the Food and Nutrition/Dietetics Club. We had a potluck! I made these gluten free chocolate chip cookies for the potluck. I also made extra to bring for my co-workers, since I go before heading to school. Everyone loved the cookies! At the potluck, there were also black bean brownies, cheese, vegetables with dip, fruit, etc. It was mainly sweets though but they were so good!


I am happy to say that I am one of the two new Public Relations Officers for the upcoming school year. I am so happy! I have so many ideas for the club!

I am also planning on taking a class during the summer but it is going to be expensive! I plan on taking Nutrition and Metabolism. I’ll see if I will take it during the summer. If not, I’ll take it during the regular semester.

In other news, my friend Ka, who is taking FACS110 ( a Food Management class), invited me to a dinner the class was catering. It’s their final project. They chose an Italian theme. More specifically, Tuscany. The dinner was delicious!


They had a three course meal, which were:

Caprese Salad


White Bean Pasta (with either Portobello Mushroom or Chicken)


Biscotti with coffee or tea



The biscotti was amazing! It was double chocolate chip biscotti and the other one was almond. The caprese salad tasted great too. There were tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and pesto (from what I remember).  The pasta was also good too!

They did a great job catering the event. I felt like I was in a real restaurant (even though the dinner was held in a classroom, next to the kitchen). They decorated the room beautifully. Thank you for hosting the event! I cannot wait to take the class soon, with all the planning and cooking that goes along with it! Maybe I will choose a Chinese theme. =)

Do you like Italian food?

Have you taken a summer class before?

-I have. I took statistics during the summer last year and it was four days a week, with each class four hours long! It was a night class too!

P.S. My presentation on Cuba on Monday went pretty well. I got an A on the presentation! =)