Life Update – Marriage!

I can’t believe it! I married my best friend and the love of my life!


We didn’t do anything fancy at all to get married, as we just didn’t want to wait any longer to get married. We went to the County Clerk Recorder’s Office and got married there. After, my parents took pictures of us at the Rose Garden around Capital Park so that we can have marriage pictures!

We celebrated with dinner at home and a nice cake.


We do plan on having a wedding in the future. We don’t know when yet because of COVID but we do plan on it.

Anyway, I hope all of you are well and staying safe!

2017 Holidays + Highlights of the Year!

The year of 2017 was crazy! It went by so fast. I cannot believe it. So much has happened. So, I guess I should talk about the highlights before talking about what I did during the holidays.

So, the highlights: 

I would post pictures but it would make this post really long. Plus, I had already posted pictures for some of these things in previous posts. They are linked. I actually didn’t post about my week long trip to the East Coast but I did post pictures.

So, my holidays:

  • Watched the new Star Wars movie – Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Bowling + Boba with family and friends


  • Eating tons of sushi with my sister!


  • Shopping!
  • Binge watching the new Fuller House Season!
  • Dim Sum!


  • Walk around the State Capital with my whole family (extended family)!


  • Napa – ate at Gott’s Roadside (so delicious!)!


  • Watched the Greatest Showman with my sister (just because of Zac Efron!)!
  • Punch Bowl Social for a cousin gathering! It’s a new place that we wanted to try out.

I don’t have so say much since I think pictures are worth a thousand words. I had a great holiday and I hope everyone did too!

How were your holidays?

Have you been to Napa? If so, what’s your most favorite thing to do there? 

2017 – Fitness Friday 11 + SoCal Trip (Universal Studios!!)

Sooo, it’s Thursday. I haven’t posted here in over a week. I have been so busy! I hope things have been going well for you guys. So, my family went to SoCal this past weekend. We drove there late Friday afternoon and got there around midnight! We left Sunday, late afternoon. So, it was literally just for the weekend. Oh, the 6-7 hour drive there and 6-7 hour drive back.

Anyway, I ended up not working out Friday-Sunday. I did walk a lot though!

Fitness Friday 3-31-17

Saturday was Universal Studios. 


Universal Studios was really fun. Plus, I have the season pass. My season pass is the Harry Potter World picture, which I am happy about. My siblings were given a Minion one and the Studio Tour one. We were able to get a fast pass for the Studio Tour because we were season pass holders and took a survey. We skipped the hour long wait!

The main reason why I wanted to go there was because of Harry Potter World. It opened up last year but I was finally able to go check it out. The rides were pretty cool, I tried butter beer (which was way to sweet for me), and I bought an EXPENSIVE interactive Hermione wand. I was able to perform “magic” with the interactive wand and it was pretty cool.

Food in the park is so expensive so we went out of the park to eat lunch. My siblings and I ate at Blaze Pizza, a make your own pizza place. It’s like Chipotle, but with pizza. We also got Starbucks.

The other sweets pictured are from 85 C Bakery Cafe at Irvine that we bought Sunday afternoon. Their matcha red bean sponge roll was delicious! Their mocha bun (the stripped one) was okay. I was hoping it would have tasted better.


Sunday: The Getty Center & The Griffith Observatory

2017-04-04 21.19.42

There isn’t really much to say about the Getty Center and Griffith Observatory. For the Getty Center, we had to take a tram up a hill to get to there. It was pretty scary because it’s so high up. However, their garden was really pretty. We didn’t have much time to explore both places because we didn’t want to get back home too late. I really wanted to look at the sculptures they had. Next time!

2017-04-04 21.54.27

The Griffith Observatory is also on top of a hill but we had to drive up the hill. It was so scary! There wasn’t too much to the observatory. It’s just like a museum where you learn more about the solar system and universe. We also weren’t able to look through the telescope because we went during the day. We did get to look at how the telescope looks. We had to leave by late afternoon for our long drive back home and telescope viewing hours were at night.

2017-04-04 21.37.23

After visiting the Getty Center and the Griffith Observatory, we went back to Monterey Park and ate at a popular Chinese restaurant. We ate at MaMa Lu’s Dumpling House. They have two locations and both were really busy. One of them had at least an hour wait! The food was delicious, however. You can see the food we ate pictured above. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area.

Well, that is it for now. I didn’t want to make this post too long and wordy.

How were your workouts last week? 

Have you been to Universal Studios? 

Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? 

Do you workout while on vacation? 

Life Updates

I haven’t been as active on social media as I have been a couple weeks ago. I am really sorry about that but I have been extremely busy! Here are the two main reasons why:

  1. I have a job now. I work for the Department of Food and Agriculture.
  2. I will say this one in Spanish. Tengo novio.

I work full days for my job, which keeps me pretty occupied. I wake up early to  exercise, shower, get dressed, go to work, and eat something as I work (in the early morning when I arrive). Sometimes, I do eat before heading out of the house if I have the time. After work is my relaxation time, where I either hang out with the novio, watch Switched at Birth, Criminal Minds, or Breaking Bad, or just read other blogs and maybe comment on a blog post or two. I can’t be online 24/7. He got me into watching Breaking Bad, which I thought I’d never watch. It’s a good show but it’s crazy!

All I can say is that my life is good right now. I have a good job (especially for a young student like me), my co-workers are awesome, and mi novio and my family are very supportive of me.

Mi novio can’t believe how much I eat in a day. Trust me. The meal plans are just a general guideline. I never mention  portions. When we eat, I end up eating my portion plus at least ¼ of his. When we eat out, he is even more surprised, considering the huge portions. He wonders why I am not overweight! He says I have a fast metabolism from all the running I do. Go running! Haha.

On the job side, I have to say that I love my job. My co-workers are awesome and are easy to get along with and my boss is just amazing. We all help each other out and they are all very nice. It’s a good work environment, which I like.

My boss wanted to show me the lab a week or two ago, which is a different location from our office. The outside of the lab looked really nice, considering it’s a lab. The inside was nice too. I looked around and was introduced to the workers there. My boss talked to the other scientists there as well and got some work done. Then, he took me to Dos Coyotes for almuerzo. I ordered a vegetarian burrito! It was so good! Today, a group of us went out for some Japanese food. All of us get a long and work well together, which is important in a work/office environment.


Earlier this week, a co-worker brought in donuts. As you know, I rarely eat donuts. I don’t even remember the last time I ate one was. I ended up eating a chocolate chip donut. It was so good but it was a little sweet. It was nice of them to bring them in. Gracias!


On Monday, I went out to eat with family members that work in the downtown area. We went to a local sandwich shop (walking distance from all of us). Two cousins and my uncle (the one that runs) all went to eat. One of my cousins is into nutrition and the environment and we both decided to get two different types of veggie sandwiches. We shared both sandwiches so that we could try both of them. My uncle and other cousin ordered their own sandwiches con carne. It was a nice family lunch before we all had to go back to work.


I don’t want this post to be too long. I will talk about the interview in another post. That post will also have a few interview tips based on my own personal experience. One thing I will say about the interview is that it was almost an hour long and I didn’t expect that at all. We kept talking and asking questions and the time just flew. Most interviews are no more than 15- 20 minutes.

That’s it for now.

What have you guys been up to?

Do you guys have any interview stories/tips to share with other readers? 

Body Image in Asian Families

I never thought that I would post about this subject but it’s been eating me up. The subject I am talking about are Asian parents caring about a female’s appearance.

You look too skinny, Helen. You lost too much weight. You need to eat more.”

– This is what they said when I first lost weight. I was at 103 pounds at my lowest weight, at 5 ft 2 in. I had severely restricted my calorie count to 1200 and worked out for 30-60 minutes back then. My workout consisted of running 10-20 minutes and doing a simple workout DVD.

Oh, Helen. You look bigger! Did you stop exercising?”

– This is what they say now. I had started doing long distance running and lifting weights. I had also increased the amount of calories I’ve been eating. Of course I wouldn’t look  malnourished.

Oh, and you probably also heard something like this:

“Wow, Helen. You look so healthy now! Your face is so much fuller.” 

-Then, they go up and pinch your cheeks and tells you that you could lose a few pounds. A minute later, they are offering you a lot of food to eat.

chinese food


Along with those comments, they want me to stop running long distance and lifting heavy weights. Simply put, my mom says long distance running has made my thighs huge and that my body does not look feminine at all, you know, how the skinny Asian girls look. To add onto that, my skin has gotten really tan from running outside, another thing Asians don’t like. Asians are known for wanting to avoid the sun to avoid getting  a tan.

I always laugh it off and say that it is muscle and that I’m stronger and healthier, hoping they would stop saying it. They still do. Deep down, those comments really hurt. My family has always been criticizing my body since day 1. My parents, aunts, and uncles. Nothing satisfies them. The thing is that family is important to me. What they think of me is important. I guess it’s an Asian thing.

However, I know that they can’t always be controlling how I feel. They can’t control my body nor how it looks. I should be just happy with myself, for who I am and how I look. If I am happy with me, I shouldn’t matter what they think. It is something that I am still working on.

Admitting this is the first step. The 2nd step, I believe, is to list a few things about me that I like about myself. And, I believe that everyone should do this. I dare you to list at least 3 things you like about yourself. Here are mine.

  1. My strong thighs legs. They helped me run a half marathon! Who cares if they look bigger. They’re stronger and muscular now.
  2. My smile. Everyone loves my smile and so do I. I have a nice smile, apparently.
  3. I guess my curves? After all, I am a woman. FYI, there is a difference between curves and fat.

The 3rd step is to actually believe it and be confident and comfortable with myself. That way, my family will see that what they are saying isn’t affecting me at all. They’ll eventually stop saying these things. I’ll continue saying that I am stronger and healthier each time they mention it until they stop.

I am sorry if this post offends anyone. I probably should have put a warning or disclaimer in the beginning of the post. It has been on my mind for a while and I just had to vent and let it out. Thank you for letting me vent and letting my thoughts go.

 How is your week going? 

What are somethings you like about yourself? Comment below. =)