Urban Cow Half Marathon 2017

I think the Urban Cow Half Marathon is the 5th half marathon I’ve ran so far. It’s crazy! I never thought of myself as a runner, especially during high school.

Anyway, like I mentioned in my other post, I ran this half in 2:17:56. Not my best time but not my worst. I ran this with a few of my friends and my uncle. It was pretty much a perfect day for a run, until the breeze picked up a couple miles in.


The morning was a bit chilly. I met up with my friends and uncle and then the race was about to start! I probably should have started more up in the front because the first half mile, I was just trying to squeeze in between people just to get ahead. It was so crowded! I was going at a pretty good pace the first 6 miles. I was pretty much going the same pace as my 10k back in June.

I’ve ran the course twice before, so I knew what to expect.

The first 6 miles were mainly throughout the neighborhoods in Sacramento and then it started going towards the main street to downtown Sac. It was a pretty nice route and I really liked the shade. The breeze picked up around mile 4 but it didn’t bother me too much until I reached the part of the run where the river was.

I saw my friend Katy at the relay point (she was doing the relay and did the first half). It was nice to have someone cheer me on! All my other friends were either behind or ahead of me. That’s when I hit the wall. My expected PR when I first started the race turned into me having to stop to walk many times. It didn’t help that it was a bit windy.

Part of the run goes on a trail along the river and was very sunny, which was the 2nd half the run. The breeze really picked up there. Plus, my legs were starting to get tired. Normally, I don’t drink Gatorade or any energy drinks/gels. However, I felt like my body needed some energy to get through the rest of the run. So, I drank some Gatorade around mile 8. Don’t worry. I knew my body could handle it as I sometimes drank a few sips of Gatorade during training. However, I always drank a few sips before my run, not during.

By mile 12, I was so tired. I was still running and walking (well, more of the walking). But I pushed through. I did run the last half mile of the race without walking. I was so proud of myself! I immediately ate the strawberries that they had at the end of the run. And, I drank some chocolate milk. I really needed the energy! Finally met up with my friends, talked, took pictures, and drank beer at the beer garden with them. By the way, drinking beer after a run is one of the worst things to after a run. It’s dehydrating. You’re supposed to recover with carbohydrates, protein, and fluid! The beer is just the social aspect of running but if you are a hard-core runner who is competitive, drinking beer is not the best thing to do after a run. We chatted and hung out for a bit, then we headed back home.

Well, that’s it! I ate two slices of BBQ Chicken pizza when I got home. It was delicious!! Well, anything you eat after a long run is delicious, especially when you’re starving!

2017 – Weekly Meals and Workouts 10 + Half Marathon Training Plan

It’s Monday everyone and the 4th of July is tomorrow! I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday weekend. I worked today but I have tomorrow off. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Also, enjoy all the good food! Don’t restrict yourself. 🙂

Anyway, I wanted this post to be about my training and meals. Here is my half marathon training plan.

2017 Urban Cow Half Marathon Training Plan 20170702

As you can see, I still want to incorporate strength training into my half marathon plan. There are probably better ways to do this (doing my runs and strength training on separate days) but I will see how this works. It worked out with my 10k training. Hopefully, it will work out with the half marathon as well. My goal is to get under 2 hours for this half! As an FYI, this plan will probably change as time goes on. It’ll depend on how I feel.

So, I guess you guys are wondering how my meals will look like. Well, here it is:


Breakfasts – some sort of breakfast sandwich w/ coffee

Lunches- kung pao chicken w/ brown rice OR WW Pesto Pasta

Dinners- Brown Rice, veggies, some sort of protein OR out to eat (date nights!)

Snacks – Clif Z Bars, roasted chickpeas, apples, dark chocolate covered almonds, strawberries, etc. (whatever is around the house)

So, that is it for now. I will be posting more about sports nutrition related topics later on. It’ll be helpful to you guys and help me stay on track as well.

What is your plan for the week? 

How do you plan on celebrating the 4th of July?

Any suggestions on how I can improve my training plan? 

Weekly Meals and Workouts 112 + Possible Half Marathon???

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. It’s been hot for the past couple of days. I can’t wait for cooler weather to come.

So, like I mentioned yesterday, here’s my workout plan for the rest of the month.

August 2016 Workout Plan


Breakfasts- egg scramble w/ pico de gallo, avocado, chicken sausage OR English Muffin Pizza

Lunches- pasta, leftovers, or crab cakes

Dinners- rice, veggies, protein

Snacks-  fruits, nuts, chips?

So, I am also debating whether to run the Urban Cow Half Marathon this year. I ran it twice but I didn’t run it last year (though I had planned to.)

Half Marathon 10.2.2016

I will start training for it just in case but it doesn’t give me much time to train. I mean, I will be able to run it but not get a PR. I know that if I get back to the weight I was (around 125) when I ran my first half marathon, I can probably get a PR. But, I have gained weight since then (almost 140). I hope to lose weight!

My Running of the Elk Half Marathon earlier this year wasn’t good either but I still ran it in under 2:30. The longest run I did for that was 8 miles (clearly not enough for a half marathon). FYI, terrible idea to run a half marathon without training.

So, I will start training but I am not sure if I will run in it until the end of the month. Wish me luck!

What is your plan for the week? 

Do you have any tips for training? 

Running of the Elk Half Marathon

Before I start this post, I just want to say that I didn’t not train enough for this half marathon. It is best to train before actually completing a run.


So, I ran a half marathon last Sunday. The longest run I did before running it was 7.5 miles. That is a little more than half the distance for the 13.1 mile run. My goal was to finish within 2 hours and 30 minutes, which I accomplished.

The first five miles of the run went pretty well, considering I didn’t train well. I averaged between 10 minute to 10:30 pace. I say that because I stopped to walk twice to drink water from the water stations. The first four miles was along a long stretch close to the freeway.

After mile 5, I started having a hard time running consistently for even 10 minutes. I kept walking and running the rest of the time. My calves started cramping around mile 6. It went towards a walking trail, up an overpass over the freeway, into a neighborhood, and then it went towards another trail. It was meant to make it a more scenic route.

There was one lady that I kept cheering on since we were about the same pace, with the walking and running. She had run a different half marathon (the Shamrock) a few weeks prior. We kept up with each other from around mile 7 until mile 12.5, where I ended up passing her completely.

It was sad because my uncle, who runs a lot of the races with me,  passed me around mile 10-11. He kept telling me to run and to try the jelly beans he had given me. I never tried jelly beans during a run so I didn’t try them. I ended up drinking some Gatorade at mile 12 at on of the water/fluid stations. I didn’t train much for this half marathon and I knew he would eventually pass me and get ahead of me. He beat me by a few minutes. He waited for me at the finish line.

In the end, I am happy that I finished running it. It really challenged me. My boyfriend was also at the finish line waiting for me. I love him so much. He told me that he could tell that I was in pain (extremely tired) at the end. We went to Freebirds World Burrito after where I devoured a monster chicken burrito. Then, I took a two hour nap when I got back home. It felt amazing.

My time was 2 hours 28 minutes and 50 seconds. My leg were extremely sore a few days after. It was a pain going down the stairs. But, either way, it was a great experience to run. I’ll be doing more of the local runs, including a lot of 10 Ks. I will talk more about them as the events come up.

Have you ran a half marathon before? 

If so, what was your experience running it? 

Fitness Friday 100 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing great, thank you very much. It is me and mi novio’s one year anniversary and we celebrated. He even bought me flowers. So sweet. =)

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. Here were my workouts this week.

Fitness Friday 1-15-16

My workouts weren’t bad this week.

On Sunday, mi novio and I decided to go for a walk after eating out at BJ’s Restaurant. I decided to do a workout DVD after.

2016-01-10 12.19.44

On Monday, I decided to do my assigned long run for the week since I did not do it on Sunday. I ran on the treadmill. Running on the treadmill is not as enjoyable as running outside. But with the weather being so random with the rain, I decided to run on the treadmill after work. I had to walk a few times but it wasn’t too bad. I have to build up my stamina.

On Tuesday, I decided to have a rest day.

On Wednesday, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill after work. It wasn’t too bad actually. My run was a lot better than last week (due to female issues). The ab workout killed me!

On Thursday, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and did an ab workout before heading out to Red Robin for dinner with mi novio. I had intended Thursday to be my rest day but I wanted to work up an appetite before eating burgers and fries. My run went pretty well. I only stopped once but that was because I was debating how many miles to run. I decided to run more after walking for a minute. I had so much energy and I was feeling great.

On Friday, I rested. I just wanted to relax.

Today, I ran three miles outside and did an ab workout. I ran after spending time with mi novio. We went to Starbucks, ate pizza, and chilled. It was great. After our long date, I decided to run. It was still light outside and it wasn’t raining at 4 pm. However, it was windy! The run did not go so well but I am happy that I was able to run outside for once. It’s so much different than running on a treadmill.

20160116_163909 (1)


I wore my new sports jacket and tights that I bought from Victoria’s Secret during this outside 3 mile run. They were having a sale for buy a sports bra, get a free sports pants. Also, there was free shipping for orders over $100. I decided to take advantage of the deal and I am happy with what I bought. The clothes fit well and are super comfortable. They look nice on me.


That is it for now. I think my half marathon training is going great, considering I took a month off working out last month.

How were your workouts this week?