Life Update – Marriage!

I can’t believe it! I married my best friend and the love of my life!


We didn’t do anything fancy at all to get married, as we just didn’t want to wait any longer to get married. We went to the County Clerk Recorder’s Office and got married there. After, my parents took pictures of us at the Rose Garden around Capital Park so that we can have marriage pictures!

We celebrated with dinner at home and a nice cake.


We do plan on having a wedding in the future. We don’t know when yet because of COVID but we do plan on it.

Anyway, I hope all of you are well and staying safe!

It’s been a long time…

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve lasted posted. I really needed a break. I couldn’t think of topics to write about and I have been extremely busy. There has been a lot of change for me the past half year and it’s just been crazy.

For one thing, I needed to take a break from some social media. I haven’t been on Instagram, Snapchat, etc. for a while now. I still used Facebook but that was just to be able to communicate with friends and family. I want to live and enjoy life. Not live life behind a camera. Plus, it kind of sucks that no matter how hard I try, I tend to compare myself to others on social media. Taking a break has made me realize that I shouldn’t compare my life to others and I should just be happy and live my life. Everyone usually only posts the “good” parts of their life, not the not so fun day to day stuff.

I also started taking guitar lessons a few months ago since I thought it’d be cool to learn something new and plus I love music. It’s so different from playing the cello and violin, which I’m used to. I also have a new boyfriend, which has been going great. We workout together and do everything together. It’s nice to be with someone that has the same goals as you.

We’ve been to many places together already. We went to Disneyland, we started to going to a lot of brewfests, EDC Las Vegas, and to Belfair, Washington during the 4th of July weekend. It’s been fun being able to travel and do things with each other.

I have gained weight because of all of these vacations though, which sucks. That’s the price for eating too good during vacations.¬† Before Disneyland (which was at the end of March), I weighed under 130 lbs, the lowest I had been in over three years. Now, I’m close to 140 lbs. I want to get back under 130 lbs. My goal weight is 120 – 125 lbs.

It’s not impossible to lose 15 pounds but it is always hard when you don’t have that much weight to lose to begin with. The good thing is that my bf and I are on the same page with losing weight, which helps. We both like working out and trying to eat healthy, but we also love eating good food (which doesn’t help sometimes either). But since we both gained weight because of the vacations, we are working together to lose the weight we gained.

I’ll be posting about my weight loss journey here. ūüôā For the most part, I do look the same but I don’t feel as well as I should. Of course, I want to lose weight the healthy way. I’ll post my plan on the next post. I just wanted pop in and say hi.

What have you guys been up to?

Do you guys need social media break sometimes? 

Seattle 2018

I’m sorry that this is a late post. It’s been almost a month since the trip but I’ve been too busy to post. So, here it goes!

I wanted to start off by saying that mi novio and I chose the perfect weekend to go to Seattle. Why? Well, the weather was perfect! We went during Memorial Day weekend. It didn’t rain at all and the weather wasn’t cold. It was nice and sunny! I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather during a vacation, especially in Seattle.


We flew into Seattle early Saturday morning. We landed in Seattle around 10 AM and then took the link to downtown Seattle. The link is what they call the light-rail. It’s so much nicer than the light-rail in the city I live in.

The first thing we did was check into our hotel. They were so nice to let us check in early! We went out to eat after because we were STARVING. I decided on Din Tai Fung, since I tried their southern California location and the chain is based on Seattle. They are known for their xiao long bao, which I ordered, of course. We also ordered the shrimp fried rice with shrimp and soup. The food was so so. I expected it to be better since the chain is based off of Seattle. Oh well!

After that, we hopped on the link and took it to the University of Washington Arboretum. Man, did I wear the wrong clothes for this part of the trip. The weather was pretty nice but I wore a light long sleeve dress and short boots w/ leggings. I was so hot! The Arboretum was really nice though and I got a good walk in. I really wish I wore tennis shoes along with jeans and a t shirt. I would have been more comfortable walking.


After that, we ubered to the Columbia Center to go on the Sky View Observatory.  I heard that the view from there was supposed to be nice. The building was really tall and it did give a really nice view of the city. However, I do not recommend coming if you decide to go to the Space Needle instead. The Sky View Observatory was inside but they had windows  you look out from to see the city. It was an okay view but I would not recommend it.


We headed to our hotel after to rest for a bit and then headed out for dinner. We went to this rooftop restaurant called Terra Plata. They source their food locally, which is nice. We ordered fries, a burger, and spaghetti. The food was alright, not the greatest. Monday night is paella night, so I would go there again to try that out.


The next day was so much more fun. We ate breakfast at a local bakery called Sugar Bakery & Cafe. I ate their veggie breakfast sandwich with coffee with the novio ordered a chocolate croissant. After that, we started our day. We purchased their CityPass (I highly suggest buying it) and we went to visit a lot of places. We started off with going on the Space Needle, which was pretty cool. We totally lucked out on the weather, since there was not a cloud in the sky! We went when they were still remodeling but 70% of the Space Needle was still open. They made it all glass so that you can see the entire view of Seattle and take selfies easier. No bars or anything obstructing the view.


After that, we headed to the Pacific Science Center, which was pretty awesome. Mi novio and I could have stayed their for hours. It may seem like it’s for little kids, with all the mini activities they had in there. But, it was so much fun learning about all science. They had a butterfly garden. They had things about dinosaurs, planets, insects, the human body, etc. We spent a good 3-4 hours there before we got hungry and went to eat a late lunch. We went to eat at a close-by sports bar/restaurant and their food was pretty good. We ordered a veggie pizza, nachos, and a bowl of clam chowder. Delicious!

We decided to go to the Museum of Pop Culture after eating. To be honest, I did not really enjoy this museum. They did have cool figures and things related to Pop Culture (back in the 80s/90s) but it wasn’t for my generation. They referenced Star Treck, Nrivana, some old style video games, etc. The only section that interested me the most was their sound lab, where you could play the guitar, drums, and other instruments and sing. They had individual rooms that were like recording studios and each room had either an instrument or you can sing. They teach you how to play simple chords to old songs.

We were pretty tired after and decided to go to the food court area to sit and rest for a bit. We even bought a mocha to get some energy. If you guys haven’t noticed, it’s hard to drink water while you’re on vacation. I definitely did not drink enough water. We went to the Space Needle after that to see the sunset view of it (you get two visits with the CityPass). It was worth it since it was nice having the sunset in the background.

The next day, I worked out in the morning. Then, we got ready and started off with going to the first Starbucks! Of course, there was a long line. Once it was my turn to order, I just got plain coffee since I did not want to wait in the other line for a fancy coffee drink. It was a nice little store and the employees are used to it.

After, we started heading to the Water Front and stopped by one of the shops to buy a muffin to share while walking to the water front. We wanted to catch the first cruise of the Harbor Cruise, as it’s usually less crowded. It was a nice, one hour cruise around the bay. We ordered popcorn and I got a glass of wine, because why not? It was a nice ride and we learned more about Seattle. We got a great view of the bay.¬† There was no rain and it was only partly cloudy. What more could I ask for?

It was lunch time by the time we got off the cruise. We went to eat at Ivar’s Acres of Clams for lunch. It was on the Water Front. We lucked out that it wasn’t that busy when we got there and got a window seat! We ordered a bowl of clam chowder, I ordered the¬†Wild Coho Salmon and Crab Cake Combo, and the novio ordered fish n chips. The food was delicious. The clam chowder was one of the best I’ve ever eaten thus far.

We went to the Seattle Aquarium after. Mi novio wanted to see sharks, but there weren’t any. However, they had lots of other sea creatures that were cool to look at it. It was small compared to the Monterey Bay Aquarium here in California. However, it was a nice little aquarium and we didn’t spend as much time there as I thought we would.

After, we bought a brownie and coffee in their cafe for a snack. We walked around the aquarium again to see if we had missed anything. After that, we left and walked around the Water Front. We decided to go on the Wings Over Washington. It a “flying theater”, very similar to California Adventure’s Soarin Over the World. We enjoyed it but it costed a lot. We thought about going on the Great Wheel after but decided not to. We walked around the Water Front more, went to a small souvenir shop, and then we got hungry for dinner. We decided to eat at Red Robin, since it was already on the Water Front. We also wanted a little cheaper option for food. It was yummy.

After, we wanted to go finally explore Pike’s Market but we realized it already closed by the time we finished eating dinner. We decided to uber to the¬†Chihuly Garden and Glass, since we didn’t choose that place for our CityPass. Meaning, we paid for the admission fee since we used the CityPass on other attractions. I am glad we decided to go to the glass museum instead of heading back to the hotel.

The Chiihuly Garden and Glass was probably one of my other favorite places we visited. I’m so happy we decided to go there.¬†Dale Chihuly is a glass artist and all of his glass art displayed there was amazing and beautiful. We spent a good time there before heading back to the hotel.

The next day, we did nothing but relax. We slept in and I worked out at the hotel fitness center. We got ready after my workout and we went to eat brunch at a burger place in front of our hotel. We didn’t feel like doing anything since we’d have to carry our luggage around if we went to another attraction. We took the link back to the airport after and chilled at the airport. Then, we ate at Anthony’s, which is another seafood restaurant that’s popular in Seattle. It was at the airport though but the food was still yummy. We ordered a clam chowder, salmon burger, and fish n chips. Guess who ate the fish n chips (the novio).

After finishing our meal, it was basically time to go on our flight. We had about half an hour to rest before boarding, allowing our food to digest some before the flight.

It was a nice vacation and I’m happy we went. I can’t wait for our vacation next year. Any suggestions?

2017 Holidays + Highlights of the Year!

The year of 2017 was crazy! It went by so fast. I cannot believe it. So much has happened. So, I guess I should talk about the highlights before talking about what I did during the holidays.

So, the highlights: 

I would post pictures but it would make this post really long. Plus, I had already posted pictures for some of these things in previous posts. They are linked. I actually didn’t post about my week long trip to the East Coast but I did post pictures.

So, my holidays:

  • Watched the new Star Wars movie – Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Bowling + Boba with family and friends


  • Eating tons of sushi with my sister!


  • Shopping!
  • Binge watching the new Fuller House Season!
  • Dim Sum!


  • Walk around the State Capital with my whole family (extended family)!


  • Napa – ate at Gott’s Roadside (so delicious!)!


  • Watched the Greatest Showman with my sister (just because of Zac Efron!)!
  • Punch Bowl Social for a cousin gathering! It’s a new place that we wanted to try out.

I don’t have so say much since I think pictures are worth a thousand words. I had a great holiday and I hope everyone did too!

How were your holidays?

Have you been to Napa? If so, what’s your most favorite thing to do there?¬†

Disneyland November 2017

I went to Disneyland and California Adventure during Veteran’s Day weekend to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It was so much fun! It was a nice change of weather since I live in northern California. I love the warmth and sun. I am not a huge fan of cold and cloudy weather.

Anyway, the main reason why we went was that they will be closing down a lot of rides for a while to build/redesign new rides. One of them is California Screamin. They are also closing my favorite restaurant in California Adventure, the Cove Bar. They will probably open it up again after construction but I am not sure if they will be keeping the same name/food.

First day was Disneyland.¬† My plane landed in Orange county around 9:30 AM and we didn’t get to Disneyland until about 11AM. My sis and I took pictures and decided to eat lunch in the park. I ordered a turkey sandwich with chips and my sister ordered the grilled cheese sandwich with the tomato soup. The tomato soup was so good. Dip the grilled cheese in it, it was delicious!







After that, we decided to go on all the rides! Space mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Tours, all of it. It was weird since it was more crowded than the last time I went back in June. The wait was longer than what I was used to. Maybe it’s because we went during Veteran’s Day weekend and Disneyland also just started their holiday season.

The rides were fun, the holiday decorations were pretty, and the castle was absolutely beautiful at night, especially with the lights! We just had to take pictures.

My sis and I ate dinner at Naples, in downtown Disney. Man, the food is expensive! Also, the waits for the other restaurants were so long. I ended up getting an eggplant parmesan dish while my sister ordered a chicken alfredo type of dish. It was pretty good but I don’t think it was worth the price that we paid for. Oh well. I knew eating at Disney was going to be expensive.

After dinner, we headed back to the park to watch the fireworks! We just had to watch the holiday themed shows.

The next day was California Adventures!


We got up a little late and ended up getting to the park around 11. There was no line getting in, which was awesome! The first thing we did was get a fast pass for the World of Color Water show (which was holiday themed) and then we went to the Cove Bar to eat brunch.

The reason we went to the Cove Bar is because we wanted to drink the Fun Wheel drink and eat their lobster nachos. Another reason is that they will be closing down this place while they are redesigning and doing construction in the park. My guess is that it won’t be called the Cove Bar anymore once it’s done.

Anyway, we ordered the Earthquake, Fun Wheel, Lobster Nachos, spinach and artichoke dip, and the Fajita Quesadilla Rolls.


The food was so good but we were stuffed after eating it. I think we ordered too much and we ended up eating most of it but not all of it.

We went on the Ferris Wheel (the swinging one) and California Screamin after eating (don’t worry, it was at least a 45 minute wait for California Screamin and a 15 minute wait for the Ferris Wheel). I heard that they were going to make California Screamin the Incredibles themed, so we had to go on that at least once before they re-brand it.¬† The Ferris Wheel is also supposed to be replaced with Pixar characters.

We went on a lot of rides after this, including going on the Grizzly River Run 3 times in a row! There was literally no line (probably because it wasn’t warm and sunny) but the ride was still fun! We also went on Soarin Around the World, Radiator Springs Racers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a lot more! It was fun but the waits were long. Getting fast passes were a waste too, since you could only get one every few hours and the time would be for 4 hours once you get the fast pass.


We also ate a corn dog and churros at the park. That was our “snack” before watching the World of Color show. We got a great spot to watch it and I recorded the whole thing. I suggest going at least a half hour early to get a good spot. After all, it is holiday themed and I rarely get to go to Disneyland!


We were pretty much done after watching the show. We looked through the stores to buy some souvenirs. Then, we headed out and ate dinner at a sushi place!


Yes, there was a lot of eating out but hey, don’t restrict yourself too much while on vacation. You want to enjoy it!

The next day was pretty chill. I hadn’t gotten much sleep at all the few nights before so I slept in! Then, my sister and I went to eat Korean food. We got kimchi fried rice with cheese on it,¬† fried chicken, and kimbap.


The food was delicious. I rarely eat Korean food and this was pretty good. I think the place was called Chan Chan’s. It’s in Orange county.

After, we ate ice cream at Cauldrons. It’s nitrogen ice cream! The cone is an egg puff but churro flavored! The ice cream had oreos in it. It was delicious!


After all the food, we went shopping at Daiso and TJ Maxx. Then, it was time for me to go home.

I had a lot of fun during my trip and at a lot of delicious food. It was a nice weekend get a way.

What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland?¬†