San Francisco (SF) Trip

The first thing I have to say about San Francisco was that it was UNUSUALLY WARM that day. Mi novio and I went yesterday and it was so much fun! It was nice weather, though we would have preferred it a little cooler. At least it wasn’t overcast and cold. It was sunny and warm, just how California should be.

The first thing is that he lives in Yolo County, while I live in Sacramento County. The drive wasn’t as long when we started driving from his place. Surprisingly, there was not much traffic on the freeway. We thought there would be more traffic because it is Labor Day weekend.

The first thing we did when we got to SF was go to Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is the highest part of San Francisco and you can see the entire city It was beautiful. P1060370P1060373


We climbed up one of the two peaks, which is where we took the picture. Who knew that little climb can be a little tiring.

After going to Twin Peaks, we decided to go to the famous Haight-Ashbury. I have to say, the culture there is quite different. You would not want to bring your kids there.





Green bud, hash, they are code words. I saw some pretty interesting things there. I wouldn’t want to live there but it was an experience seeing how other people live. It’s funny because Whole Foods is at the end of the street. Then, the Golden Gate Park is right across the street.

We went to the Golden Gate Park after, since it was just right there. It was a nice, long walk. The scenery was nice as well. It was a little warm but we enjoyed it. I think we walked around 4-5 miles altogether around the park.

20140831_134609 20140831_140321 20140831_140356

Oh, did I mention that there was a coyote warning?



We had a good workout walking around and we were STARVING after. Sure, we had eaten a sandwich from Whole Foods before going to SF but it had been  5  hours since we ate. Add the fact that we walked, we built up an appetite!

We went to Burger Urge for a late lunch. He ordered a cheeseburger while I ordered the veggie burger and a side of sweet potato fries. We enjoyed our meal. It was delicious.

That was our day in San Francisco. We had a great time, experienced new things, got a workout in, and the weather was almost perfect. There were so many runners/joggers at the park.

Have you been to San Francisco? – I have a million times but it was nice to hang out with mi novio.

What places do you guys like going to in SF?