2018 – Fitness Friday 25 (on a Sunday) + Cellphone Detox

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. It’s been a very busy weekend and I finally have some time to type up a post. My sister came to visit and I’ve been busy with family.

Anyway, here were my workouts the past week.

Fitness Friday 10-19-18


My workouts were pretty simple and I really do need to start mixing things up.

In other news, I want to start some sort of cell phone detox challenge. You’d be surprised how much time you spend on your phone, whether it’s texting or checking your social media accounts (Instagram, SnapChat, etc.). I really want to do something more productive in my life than just laying in bed and looking at other people’s lives.

Here is my plan on how to do this:

  1. Designate a time to check e-mails and social media accounts.
    • Blog Posts – take no more than half an hour at a time to work on one. If I need more time, I’ll work on it the next day. My goal is to have three posts a week: Fitness Friday, Weekly Meals and Workouts, and a nutrition/health post. Once in a while, I’d throw in a personal post. However, I haven’t been consistent with any posting. I want to improve that.
    • Check my social media accounts no more than once an hour (yes, it’s sad that I check multiple times a day).
  2. Occupy my time with doing something productive, which could include:
    • Improve my cello playing skills OR learn to play the guitar once I buy one (no more than 30 minutes at a time)
    • Study for the GRE (30 minutes a day)
    • Improve my Spanish (30 minutes a day; audiobooks?)
    • Include some yoga stretching/ab exercises into my routine
    • Reading
  3. Stay off your phone while you’re eating dinner or while you’re spending time with people. It is one thing to grab your phone quickly to show your friend/family member something but don’t start texting other people/posting and ignoring the person you’re with.
  4. Turn off your alerts/notifications on your phone.
  5. No phone usage an hour before bedtime (however, you can call family members/loved ones to say good night).

Well, the main thing is that I want to spend less time on my phone scrolling through social media and start doing something with my free time. You’d be surprised how much time you are spending on your phone. There are apps out there that can help track your phone usage and I think it would be a great idea to try it out for a week and see how much you’re actually using your phone. For me, I already know I am on my phone a lot.

Well, that’s it for now!

How often are you on your phone or on social media? 

How were your workouts this week? 

Social Media, Body Acceptance, Health

All over social media, whether it is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc., you see some people post about their workouts, foods they eat (or don’t eat), etc. For many young women (especially teenagers), it can be a trigger for disordered eating, or even eating disorders. Most of the time, these people that post about their workouts and what they eat (or don’t eat) are very slim and that is what the young women want to achieve. Just a side note, anyone can develop disordered eating or an eating disorder (including men and older women), however, you see it most commonly in young women.

I still fall into the trap of going through Instagram, do the comparison game, feel bad about how I look, wonder what they do to achieve it, then go through their posts to see what workouts they do and meals they eat so that I can achieve their look. I know better than to do this. But, after all, I am human.

So, I waste about one hour of my day doing this and realize that I wouldn’t be able to eat like this person. I can’t do their workouts either (at least 2-3 hours a day!). I have a life and other stuff to do, after all. Sure, it may work for them. However, I get bored of eating the same thing every day. Hey, I try to meal prep and plan foods out but I tend to like variety. I also like eating my sushi and burgers & fries. To be quite honest, some of the “diets” they follow are also unhealthy. Some of them eliminate some food groups. But during that one hour, all I think about is I want to lose weight and have a nice body. Then, I come back to reality and know that life is all about balance and moderation.

There are a couple of Registered Dietitian (RD) bloggers that I follow and I love their philosophy.  Kylie from the blog ImmaEatThat, Robyn from the Real Life RD, & Anne from FAnnetastic Food have a similar philosophy of intuitive eating and not restricting food. We should love and accept our bodies to way it is supposed to be. You don’t have to be a size zero to be beautiful. Some bodies are naturally skinnier or naturally fuller. As you long as you are doing physical activity (exercising) and eating everything in moderation, that is where your body is naturally supposed to be. This is what these RD’s preach! There are other RDs out there with similar philosophies but these three I follow the most on social media. It’s refreshing to have this compared to things you see like “lose 10 lbs in 7 days” type of thing.

Here are a few links to some of their posts so you can get the idea of what these RDs are all about.

I can go more into detail about this in another post but I just wanted to get this out there. After all, you only live once. Live life to the fullest and enjoy it!