2017 – Fitness Friday 21 (on a Sunday) + Women’s Fitness Festival Recap

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. I forgot to post my plan and recap this past week (I’ve been too busy). It’s too late to post the plan now, since I am now planning for next week. I will still have my run recap here. But first, here were my workouts this past week. I haven’t ran since my 10k and boy, my legs were sore a few days after the run. I had pushed myself hard to get the PR.

Fitness Friday 6-9-17

So, to begin with, the race was cooler than last year. And, it was cooler than the Capital City Classic I did a few weeks ago. It was actually a little breezy and a little chilly. It was not freezing though. I arrived there with mi novio and waited for my friends Julie and Gabby to arrive. Apparently, 4,000 women signed up for the race! #Girlpower

Anyway, the start line was so crowded and I was so nervous for the race to start. I had gone to use the bathroom before heading to the start line and couldn’t find my friends after using the bathroom. So many people!  I found a random place in the start line and waited for the race to start. I had to maneuver my way through the crowd the first couple minutes since everyone was going a different pace. I saw one of my friends and said hi. Then, I went along with my pace to try to get a PR.

The run went though downtown and it was pretty nice. At mile one, next to a water station, this older man was sitting there in his wheelchair with a rose, waiting for his beloved to run by. It was so sweet!  I use the RunKeeper App on my phone whenever I do runs so that I can get an idea of what my pace is. I should get a Garmin watch or something but it’s pricey. I was surprised by the first mile that my pace was at 9:03. I only expected at 10 minute mile pace, not faster.

I was getting a little tired after the 5k mark but I kept going. I liked how the race went by a park and the state capital. I work in the area so I am familiar with the area. I was so tempted to walk once I hit the 5k mark. But I knew that it would slow down my pace. Plus, I was afraid I would stop a lot more to walk if I did. I did eventually walk at the 5 mile mark to drink some water. I was getting thirsty at that point. It recharged me and I was able to run the last mile.

2017-06-04 10.19.52

I was so concentrated on getting a PR that I crossed the finish line and forgot to grab my medal. Don’t worry. I went back and got it. I was looking at my RunKeeper application quickly to see what time I was at right before turning towards the finish line. I saw that I could finish in under 58 minutes if I didn’t slow down. I usually don’t speed up towards the end of the finish line but I did this time. Plus, I smiled for the camera and gave a thumbs up! I was so happy for my strong finish.

I was so happy to get a PR. But, my toenail got bruised. I know, TMI. That is what happens in running sometimes. I did buy a pair of Brooks running shoes this week and I will be training in those for my half marathon. Anyway, my friend and I waited for another friend to finish. We all got PRs! We headed to the mimosa garden and got a mimosa. Delicious!

Well, that’s it for my race recap. Hope you guys had a great week of workouts.

How were your workouts last week? 

What is your favorite distance to run for races? 

2017 – Fitness Friday 20 (On a Monday)

Guess what everyone. I ran the Women’s Fitness Festival yesterday and I got a PR. My time was 57:59. I did it under one hour! I am so happy! The weather was cooler than last year and cooler than my other 10k a couple weeks back. It was a little breezy too but the weather was perfect. I really surprised myself with my pace. I thought I would do a 10 min per mile pace but I ended up running it faster.

Anyway, I am sorry about posting late about my workouts the past week. Here they are. I ended up taking a rest day last Sunday to get extra rest. I have been pushing it hard at the gym.

Fitness Friday 6-2-17.PNG

As you see, I didn’t run that much the past week. However, I somehow got a PR for my 10k. I am so happy about that.

Well, that is it for now. I will be posting my meals and workouts later. It’s been a while since I have posted it. I’ll also post more about the race!

How were your workouts the past week? 

2017 – Fitness Friday 15 & 16 (on a Saturday)

Happy Saturday everyone. How are you guys doing today? I’m doing alright, thank you very much. The weather has been kind of crazy this week. It was around 90 F and now, it’s only like 70 F and it might rain today. There was no transition from winter to spring!

Anyway, here were my workouts the past two weeks. Sorry that I’ve been busy.

Week of April 28, 2017

Fitness Friday 4-28-17

Week of May 5, 2017

Fitness Friday 5-5-17

As I may have mentioned before, I am running a 10k in June. It is the Women’s Fitness that I ran last year with my friends. I haven’t been really training for it but I will be starting soon. As in, I started on Thursday by running a 5k on the treadmill. I ran it in 28:35! My goal for the 10k is to run it under one hour.

I will be posting my running schedule/plan up here later on. I really want to get back into running and since the weather is warming up, it is perfect timing!

How were your workouts the past week? 

Women’s Fitness Festival 2016- Recap

As I mentioned yesterday, I ran the 10K for the Women’s Fitness Festival yesterday. It was a great race and it took place around the California State Capitol in downtown Sacramento. I ran it with a few of my friends and it was great.


The run started at 7:30 am in the morning but it was already feeling warm at that time. I’m used to running indoors in an air-conditioned room or at 5:00 am in the morning outside. So, it was pretty warm weather for me to run in.

The starting line was so crowded and it was so hard to get through the crowd during the beginning. But me, with my ninja skills, found a way through the crowd.

Most of the run was in the shade and in a familiar area (I work in the area) and it was pretty nice except for the heat. I was going at about 9:45 pace during the first mile and a half. I slowed down pretty much after that. The heat was getting to me and I didn’t train well for the run.

My time for the 5k mark was about 33 minutes. The 10k course was the same as the 5k but going around it twice. I kept walking and running the last part of the course to drink some water and to cool down from the heat. One of my friends, who I was ahead of for most of the run, eventually caught up to me. I was just happy to finish. My other friend went way ahead of me after the 2 mile mark.

Overall, it was a good run. I just wish it was a) cooler OR b) earlier in the morning to beat the heat. Considering the heat and the not training well, I did better than my 10k earlier this year. I’m pretty happy with myself. My goal was to beat my last 10k time and I did it.


Of course, I drank a mimosa after my run. I only drank one though (there was a limit of one). By the way, drinking alcohol is one of the WORST ways to refuel after running (it dehydrates you even more) and you won’t be able to replenish your glycogen (aka, the storage form of glucose or energy) especially if you do not eat carbohydrates after your workout (3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein post-workout). That means, not that as much glucose is stored for your next workout.

Sorry that I had to get some Sports Nutrition in there but I have to inform you guys of proper nutrition. Of course, I ate some granola with yogurt after the run (it was given for free for participants).

That is it for this post.

Do you guys like running? 

What’s your favorite post-workout meal/snack?